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I completely misinterpreted the situation.
yeah i considered it might've been like that. point stands
Everything in my menu system is demo ready now.

I've now begun tweaking my battle system and testing rm2k3's power mode patch.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar

Optional bosses are a go. (...this is actually the third optional boss battle, but whatever.)
How do you get your videos to capture sound? My video maker is terrible...
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
Full version of FRAPs.
Commit 61! Geez, OH is more than a year old now.

This update was getting ability animations in. The capability now exists for every attack to have its own animation; in practice, they all just get a red dot moving from attacker to target, at least for the next while.
This project I'm working on turned out to be extremely less futuristic than expected. The machine / kiosk itself looks like a giant iTouch the size of an adult, but the software I am being forced to make looks so low end, even though its some very high end programming.

I am now exactly 30 hours into the project.
Nice vid, Craze. Your game looks pretty solid.
I'm drawing parallax maps while failing to understand enough CSS to make my game page pretty. :D I'm going to see if any of my Adobe programs will do the work for me, but since it will be nested with the RMN code I don't think I'll be quite so lucky.
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Thinking of ideas for creating my two hardest animated battlers (Kumo and Levi) and changing the fugly RMXP RTP animations into something decent!

Or half decent anyway. P:
Doing drafts for the pilot version

don't have time to be serious when it comes to the CGs D8


Btw... are you reusing the layout of Night of Marian in another game??
37 hours into programming the soul crushing machine... it now has google maps and I spent 4 hours fixing a laundry list of minor things. 4 hours... I feel like I was told to clean a house in a certain amount of time, and after I got done cleaning the kitchen I was given a toothbrush and told to clean everything better. When there are still plenty of other rooms that need to get clean before Monday.
New Character sets for my game... btw... I'm looking for a face generator and a battle character Generator (If a battle character generator exists that is) for RM2K3, anyone got a few good ideas?
<<< I'm working on feeling better after beinr raped for my source code by the company that I haven't even been paid yet. I'm very sad.

Working on character customization system (mostly cosmetics). In the beginning you will be able to create a team of 3 (just like FF1, you are all unnamed or (AFGNCAAP)).

Problem is, I am torn between:
a) Class specific sprites, like the very 1st would be Engineer or Mechanic (you can still chose the colors)
b) You can choose any graphics and then choose the class you want to be in
c) Full freedom to change class anytime (not graphics though).
d) The real reason : It's just cosmetics and probably don't mean anything, so making 3 different color for 1 sprite is pretty much overkill.

So yeah, which one do you guys like best? I don't think I will animate all of them cause that'd be a lot of work.


I am thinking of 3 different sprites for male and 3 sprites for female. The latter I haven't even started.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
My favorite color scheme for each row:
1-1, 2-3, 3-3, 4-1, 6-2 and 6-3. (No, I don't like the fifth set).

I like both of the bandanna'd sprites a lot, and don't really like the fifth set.

I would suggest choosing a graphic and then have class be separate. It worked out okay in FF5, but I'd rather not be stuck with an effective class that I thought was ugly. If classes are important, though, make graphics class-specific, like in a tactics game.