I just use:

SkillAccuracy * (1.0 + UserAccuracyMultiplier - TargetAccuracyMultiplier) + (UserAccuracyModifier - TargetAccuracyModifier)

Because it is nice and simple. I've tried having a diminishing returns curve with the extreme accuracy:evasion ratios but everything always turned ugly so I just stuck with this.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Arian Wild uses SkillAccuracy * 9.5 * UserAccuracy / TargetEvasion. Base SkillAccuracy is 10, so that I can make stuff in the database that has, for example, a default hit rate of 130%. This also means that ACC/EVA stat points are quite powerful!
Latest project is titled.

Alex and the Endless Dungeon of Almost Certain Destruction.

Nothing terribly innovative planned for this one but I'm going to have something like 50+ playable characters (mainly as joke but partially to see if can do it.)
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Working on balancing battles and eventing all the boss fights. Since I added a few twists to the battle system this is gonna take a while. :V
Now, I am working with random drops (this only goes for chests as of yet) for my practiceproject in VX; three different tiers for each part of the game, where the lowest tier mostly gives pots, curatives, money and other, rather lousy items (I'm thinking of switching it to money, as there's no use for more items you won't use). The mid-tier drops includes expensive restoratives (Magic pots and revives), larger amounts of gold and higher-end equipment. High-tier chests always contain powerful curatives or magic items - note that magic items and sometimes, mid-tier higher-end equipment are items that can't be bought from shops... so there's supposed to be some fun finding items.

my current formula (for no specific reason) are three variables (one for each tier) per game chapter (I think there's going to be about three-four chapters). each variable picks at random from 1-30 each time you open a chest and that determines which drop you'll get. I'm thinking of restricting the high-tier drops to be unique - only drop once.

by god, im ripping off diablo
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
I love it when people put thought into stuff like that, Mr. Nemo. If you need more inspiration/Diablo-ripping fun (stealing ideas = best way to make fun stuff, btw), try GreatRedSpirit's Demon's Gate. He did that stuff well, including the unique one-off random drops.
Eventing responses to barrels and boxes *hammers fist on table crying*
I love it when people put thought into stuff like that, Mr. Nemo. If you need more inspiration/Diablo-ripping fun (stealing ideas = best way to make fun stuff, btw), try GreatRedSpirit's Demon's Gate. He did that stuff well, including the unique one-off random drops.

If you're interested, here's how DG did loot drops, seperating implementation specific stuff from general design stuff:

To make enemies drop more than one kind of item and to share these drops across same-tier enemies, everybody drops a Generic Loot Item Type X, where Type X would be a type of loot specific to a certain tier of enemies. Opening any one of these loot will open them all for convenience's sake.

---------Implementation Start

When the game starts, a set of really big random numbers are generated. These are the random seeds for loot.

When you use any loot item the same event/function is triggered. It has a loop specific for each type of Generic Loot Item. These loops repeat until the player has no more Generic Loot Item type for that loop. Every loops starts by checking that the player has Generic Loot Item Type X and exit the loop if they don't. Then play a 'Got Item' sound, remove a Generic Loot Item Type X, and then check to see what the player gets.

End Implementation---------

The loot system checks to see what the player needs before it'll give out real loot. First it checks if the player has more dead characters than revive items and if not the loot will give a revive item. Then it checks if the player has enough healing power for the 'level' of loot; Earlier loot has lower requirements, ect. and better healing items carry more 'healing power'. If the player doesn't have enough healing power, they'll get a random (but appropriate for the loot level) healing item.

If the player doesn't need revive or healing items, the game will randomly choose an item from a list of possible loot drops. When an item is selected, there might be additional requirements to drop that item. For example, loot won't give you antidotes if you have more than ten (because some loot is really boring, finding loot should be more interesting than YETANOTHERCHEAPITEMYOUHAVESCORESOF), or if you already have Mystery Meat you won't get another (unique one offs) and the system will reroll the loot drop.

---------Implementation Start

When a random number is needed, the game will pull the top value from the bunch of big random numbers from before. It'll then shift all other random numbers up by one and generate a new random number at the end of the list of random numbers. Then the pulled big random number is modulus divided by the number of possible results and used to see what loot will be given. This means the first couple of loot will always give the same values to prevent people from save/reloading until they get good loot. Unless they have more loot than big random numbers available.

If loot has to be rerolled, the game will just give the player a new Generic Loot Item X to replace the loot taken away at the start of the whole loot process. This'll make the loop repeat itself

(ps there is a trivial bug in the implementation I used but I really didn't want to fix it)

(pss don't loop over the sound effect if loot is rerolled)

Implementation End---------

I hope this helps tell the game mechanics going on because my rm2k3 code tends to be terrible (I don't even get my Warp of Confusion map anymore and losing the original version which actually labelled the variables isn't helping (but I don't care))

Less about Demon's Gate, more about loot drops!

My current project has dealt away with random drops altogether*! I've converted loot drops into an enemy specific store where you can buy loot drops from loot-store and dungeon specific currency gained by defeating enemies in that dungeon. You kill an enemy in Not Another Goddamn Sewers dungeon **, gain loot points, and a shop with the enemies 'drops' appear where you can purchase one with your accumulated loot points in that dungeon. Costs are meant to be equivalent to the chance of an enemy dropping a piece of loot; Rarer items cost more loot $$$. It makes no sense outside of the realm of Game Mechanics, but the player can see what they can get from enemies and focus in getting them in a predictable amount of time instead of relying on shitting a horseshoe to accomplish anything in a reasonable amount of time ***.

* guess who grinded to level 90 getting the Sword of Kings

** not an actual dungeon

*** see *
Right now I'm working on two games. The first one which I named Tales of Gysria (tell me if it is to similar or taken by another game) is about a boy who gets tangled up in a quest to restore an old god.

The second is untitled and it is a dungeon hunting game where only one thing matters. Loot. I'm trying to devolop an overarching story but getting stuck so it is on Hiatus.
I'm working on a game (probably going to be the first published game of mine). It doesn't have any real title yet. But for a working title, it is called

"Breaking a Demon's Curse: Full Moon's Blight".....

Yeah, I know it's kinda long...
But I think I'll stick to this title for now............
or perhaps, make it the title itself...........
Just finished another puzzle. Right now I'm testing it to make sure there aren't any bugs. Making puzzles is a slow and time consuming proccess for me...
Just about finished up making an elevator for a building here. Gotta edit the system set so it can display red text first, though.
Nickad, after much debate, finally compiled a much better junkyard chipset! Drinks all around!
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All the posts here should be in blogs.

Why not close the topic then? Blogs exist for a reason, people might as well use them.

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