just fixed my main character's faceset, hopefully for the last time.
II am working on a adventure rpg based around either talking spirits through their debates with deadly consequences and a basic search and explore game with a side focused on improving their technological skills, and a RMVX visual novel pet project, that is going to be a TV with cut scenes galore (Duh! Its a TV with rmvx sprites!) So far I have the "Generic Hero Show" episode 1 done and the evil-mart commercial.
Working on a not-so-super-secret project with former RMNers Asalieri and Suzuricho.
That thing you want but never who I am
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Algorithms for stats at a given level using the base of the stat and the level:

stat = ( ( ( ( base stat - 4 ) * 0.05 ) + 0.5 ) * ( level - 1 ) ) + base stat
I've been working with blend modes to create cave-like/nighttime illumination on-the-fly.
I've been working with blend modes to create cave-like/nighttime illumination on-the-fly.
isn't this so much easier? especially if you can apply it to particular layers, to discount the HUD etc.
Writing a NES emulator for Linux.

So far I've gotten VROM dumps to work, I never realized that Enix actually stacked graphics on top of graphics and just changed the palette on Dragon Quest/Warrior. It's why the text is in monochrome even though you can have 3 colors plus background per cell. They make color #2 and #4 white and #1 black to show text and color #3 and color #4 to the color of the Enix logo to show the Enix logo. Weird.

Plus any color you could ever draw with a NES is limited to this fugly 64-color rasterization of an NTSC color algorithm:
That thing you want but never who I am
wow that's a pretty crazy design!
I was kind of bored, but I've already gotten this to work in such a short time so I might as well finish up the program real quick. Now that I know how to dump VROMs I might write an auto chapset/charset converter that immediately turns the graphics from any .nes game into instant chapsets for like VX or something. Probably not. Well... If people actually would desperately need such an automagic tool I would do it.
That thing you want but never who I am
I've been meaning to change Dragon Warrior stuff into VX
i'd always do it manually anyway
Maybe just dump all the diffrent chips into a seperate image that someone could compile a chipset out of isntead of formatting it for one program.
You really don't understand the idea of automagic, do you?
Finally after 3 years of starting this damn project... I'm finally working on the final dungeon... T_T;;;
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Finishing SMT.

J-Man: A feeling you must know well, and a feeling you must love.

the light i used for stopmo broke so i'm working on a short paper rpgish game in the meantime.
Writing Chapter 3 onwards of the NetGame Saga game, though it will be released first as an interactive drama game (in other words: Choose Your Adventure / Pixel Novel(?) ).

Oh, a quotable quote from the previous chapter:
“Have you added this on your nerd-rage that I have ‘Aspergers'? Oh, I admit that I'm a weeaboo since I'm a Japanese in the first place, or worse an otaku, but actually… I used what I sequestered from being a otaku for other good things!”
~Hatsuya Kanzaki, to a fat bully
NetGame Saga Prototype ; Chapter 2: The world crafters under heavy fire

My current RM2K3 work:
Needs moar people and stuff to make a park like this alive:
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
what are you working on topic is not the new screenshot topic. :P

also how the fuck are those balconies being held up