Well, we'd have to make custom graphics styled after the FFIV's and FFV's and the RM2k3 RTP. By we I mean someone with pixeling skills.

*raises his hand
Getting back to my RMVX project Star Light Romance - Ethereal Moon, no blog yet.
Making graphics for Tiny Town (facebook game)
And general sprites for minor freelancer works.
Making some pictures (on mspaint) for my game.
hahhah My game is 90% RTP XD
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem

Working on some important NPCs in Arian Wild.
"maid?" i see some sort of plot twist
She did it. She killed Mr. Boddy. Just look at those shifty eyes!
I'm working on an event system and quest system for my game. It's going pretty well, already I can begin to construct some interesting plots.

(I have to code my event system from scratch since I'm not using RM).
Messing with a few skills for RealmS. They aren't doing what I want them to do. : (
Devil's in the details
Still directing scenes for Ill Will. My skills estimating time for creating things is absolutely horrific.

And the pace has slowed from what it was during the period of time the game was still created for contest, too. I'm not sacrificing entirely all my time to work the project anymore, but maybe I should - considering the game is supposed to come out sometime soon. Or at least that's what people thought.

It still takes a lot of time trying to fix all mistakes and polish all the content, and have it all flow perfectly. Dungeon graphics, all almost complete except last two tiers. (takes a day or two.) All main sprites, but one complete. (And some NPCs, but they will be a bag of mixed graphics.) Mechanics all pretty much complete, except few little features (teleportation between savepoints, ability to choose continue after bosses, and choosing difficulty level)

So pretty much everything else is complete, but the plot scenes. It takes soo much time writing everything. ' - '
I am finally, FINALLY DONE with battles. I have everything finished, and it only took me.... 3 hours of my night.... :{

But getting the custom battle transition down was SO worth it, cause it looks right nuts.

i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
I don't really like the victory music in that, Lennon, and the monster doesn't do... much of anything, but it looks decent enough.
The music is placeholder, and I don't like the monster either... :/ I need to change it. (Thankfully it's the only one in the game like that)
Devil's in the details
That looks pretty rad, Lennon. It flows veeeery smooth. Is that the battle system we discussed about? I can't wait to see it in bigger scales. :D
Working on Befuddled Quest4Dead puzzle, and at the same time, finishing Hatsuya's sprite sheet (for Task Force Frantix) , but I'll repost it since it got allegedly erased.

To do:
- Hatsuya's saber attacks
- Hatsuya's SMG attacks
- Hatsuya's spear attacks
- Katana attacks
- 2-Handed sword attacks
- Rifle attacks
- Moar handgun trick shots
- his CLimAX attacks.
I'm mapping areas of my game now, and starting to work on plotting the open ended story.

I'm also working on enemies, because there's a huge lack of them.
I was banned and wasn't supposed to be posting!
Working on making the frontloader for the 24-hour event better, expandable, and not a pile of shit. Maybe decent futures will come next!
Reworking touch encounters. I'm such an idiot sometimes.
current summons: ghost train, dreadnought, luftwaffe

the general idea being that instead of mythical fantasy beings they should be technological terrors