On that note, why is the time+Gold text in your menu screen right aligned? It looks weird when the label and the content are separated like that.

Yeah, it looks very off. There was a lot of space and I wanted to try and make it as close as possible to the original. I guess I should have put Gold below Time or reverse so the value could be closer to the title, then move the location to the center right. I'd put a screen shot but, yeah...
Trying to improve the title screen; at the moment, it looks tacky at best.

Aesthetics is not my forte :<

(still making minimal progress with skills, which is what brought about this sudden distaste for the screen)


Made it look okay I think, and made a game over screen to accompany it. Still need a good song/sound/etc. for the game over though.
A couple of things are in the works for my new project. When not hammering out my design document, I've been fiddling with height maps for what will eventually become panoramas. Now that school's out for two weeks, I'm also going to read as many .pdfs as I can about Ruby and game design in general.
Writing the story ;A;
Remaking the dialogue and mapping XD
Tear Harvester Rhyme
Monster drawing :O
I've figured out that in the RM2k3 RPG_RT.exe (several versions that I tested), there is one memory address with the same datatype that is equal to 1 when in a battle, and 0 outside it. Unfortunately, the address allocated varies from game to game so now I'm working on pointer searching, fun¡

The work for a better speed hack continues.
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
I have been working on IGL (ika game library) and the built-in RPG engine inside it. It has some basic database models and engine code.

Menu so far.

Battle engine so far.

The strings used by the engine are not yet customizable but that'll be worked on later.
That looks sick, WIP. Nice job.
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
fuck, your default menus look nice wip. (:
i'm always impressed when i see your ika-related stuff.

i'm finishing up work on the post-battle victory menu for chromatose. still not happy with some stuff, and i feel like some of the number/info placement isn't very clear in terms of meaning/relevance. bleh.
I am working on charsets. Mostly NPCs. Because almost all of that stuff is ripped directly from Breath of Fire I and II, I play the games on zsnes and take shots of everyone. Then paste them into a template and blah, blah, you know.

I still have a ton of battle animations to make, I have to sort the equipment for all characters in the database, give attacks to enemies and players and balance it, create a hundred maps...

Meh, this'll never be done.
I'm working on a new dungeon for the end game of my game.
A hello world program

And after getting the hang of this thing, maybe I'll try procedural generation
Making a dungeon. Making good progress, too! Just one part left.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
correcting typos that edchuy (who definitely wins best beta tester) pointed out
Im currently practicing on my drawing skills atm.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
basically just working myself into a frothing panic, sending out SOS in every direction
Working on a new project now - I'm hoping to make a legit good game with the new project but I'm also using it as a vehicle to spin up my creativity - I've already gotten a good deal more immersive as far as making battle a bit more interesting.

i.e. - the first "boss" spends the first two rounds disarming two of your party members of their helmet and weapon, and only one of the seven usable characters at that point has magic that is worth anything to use on the boss.