I just started a new game called "project1". I haven't really done anything with it yet, I've just poked around the database. The absence of any particular title is bugging me a little, but I haven't thought of a title yet, so I suppose that I'll just keep typing up on Notepad until I think I've got enough to decide on a title.

Why did you title your game as such, and at what point during development did you decide upon the title? What makes an effective title?
I like something that you can type on google and not find anything else.
Something that isn't 10 words long. Something that says exactly what your game has.

Like Snakes on a Plane. You KNOW what you're getting into!

Friday the 13th... you don't know what you're getting into...

Hokey Mask Killer you know what you're getting into.
I don't think "saying exactly what your game has" is that important. For example, "Alter AILA" is a pretty cool name, but very uninformative.
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I like making ridiculous titles. Especially with the Take Down series, where I'm making fun of the Xenosaga titles.
There are a bunch of ways to name a project. It can be named after something in the game, like a main character or a world or something else that is very important. If you don't think a name name alone is enough you can also add that it's a story of some sort. Such as having Chronicle, Tale, Adventure, Legend or any other descriptive word that says "this is a story".

Sometimes it's also possible to use a phrase that is used in the game. In movies there's always a good moment when the title is used in the movie itself (see "Snakes on a Plane" or "Law Abiding Citizen" or even "Hot Tub Time Machine"). It can also be more of a concept thing or describe some kind of action that happens in the movie. "Escape from Zombie Hotel" for example is one of those concept descriptions (though I guess it's also a story + name if there's a hotel called Zombie Hotel in the game and the word "Escape" works like Chronicle or Tale).

Another kind of concept thing is taking a profession of a character or of someone important to the game. Examples are stuff like Mage, Hero or Assassin but even seemingly mundane things can be useful like Carpenter, Dentist or Taxi Driver.

Usually a final title can be the very last thing in a game. While working on it you can have numerous working titles some of which may even stuck so much that you'll use some variation of them in the final name. "Shinan's Awesome Untitled Cyberpunk Project Number 56" can be turned into a game called "#56" and there can be a very obscure reference to the number 56 in the game or perhaps it doesn't have any major significance at all.

A couple of ideas on how to title stuff.
Oh yeah I completely forgot about the quote thing. There's usually verses or poetry or something that can sum up a game in a very arty way. So taking a couple of words from a bible quote or from a song lyric or similar thing can also be very useful. (and double points if a character says those words during the story)
Put Zombie in the title...
I start with a placeholder title and then see if something that sounds right turns up when I work with the project. My current project for example is for now just named "Mansion". Unless I abandon my project (a good chance) I expect to figure out a better title as I work with the story since it's the story which will determine what title fits.
i have an occasionally updated textfile on my computer with a bunch of names i think are neat. my plan is to start picking them at random and making games around them but i've only done that with one so far (veggie tales 3d) because i'm lazy.

here is the current list:

Space Funeral
Drug Punk
Infinity Ghost
Do The Wrong Thing
Doom Skull
Mystery World
Eurotrash Dracula
Cannibal Yacht
Time Zorg
Time Ghoul
Old Man
New Adventures Of Leo Africanus
The Astonishing Captain Skull
Life Of The Egyptians
Slime Wolf
Cyborg, il guerriero d'acciaio
She Zone
Skull Worm
Dwarf Grotto

EDIT: actually i might look for some kind of basic randomiser program so it can spit out random variations on a fixed set of words (skull, infinity, ghost, doom, zone, horse, cavern). if i can find a program that builds complete games based on randomised elements then basically my work is done but so far no luck! where are the snowboard kids 64 of yesteryear
dwarf grotto sounds vaguely familiar
yeah i found it on the gamesmasterjasper site and thought it was really good! some of the titles are taken from songs and b-movies on imdb too.
oh okay i was thinking about dwarf fortress
Dance Dance Terrorist Insanity!
Mexican Workout Hell!
American Arcade Jihad!
And the #1 much hyped Regal Flatulence in the Hood 4!

Soon coming to a store near you!

Needs contest based around that generator.
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Cyber Sudoku of the Dead
I honestly don't know. I thought of the original concepts for Neo Lescia when I was 7, so I think I named it that just cause it sounded fantasy based. Nowadays it's connected with the game a bit more, since I named the world Lescia, and neo is another word for new, at least I think it is.

When I'm naming games/stories now I usually get the basic story outline done in my head, then pick a title that sounds cool and catchy, but fits too. In some rare cases I'll think of a really good title and make a game around it, but that's only ever happened like twice.
The title of my game is still not the final one. Hayate no Gotoku! RPG is as placeholder as it can get, though it does completely and perfectly describe my game, but titles are more than a summary of a game.
Part of the reason is that the main characters doesn't really have a main objective. They're just bored and want to find random things to do, so I don't really have a central theme to name it on.
I grabbed two overly used game title words, stuck them together, and called it a day. At the time, the game wasn't meant to be very serious, in fact, while an epic rpg, it was supposed to be pretty light-hearted like Lunar (for an example). The title was a jab at other game developers of the time, who often used words like, quest, legend, mana, tales, etc in their game's title.
Of course, several years later, the name sounds retarded, but I tried to wrap it into the story, or at least, the concept of the game. In Vengeance, at least, the plot does revolve around the acquisition of mana stones, and unlocking their power, as they are the key to the main character's army being powerful enough to win the war, so it at least makes a little sense.
8-Bit Dungeon from Hell
...thank you Video Game Name Generator!

I usually just pick two or more overly used generic fantasy words and run with it.
Hayate no Gotoku! RPG is as placeholder as it can get, though it does completely and perfectly describe my game,