pffft subways i think you'll find that's a genuine underground station
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
Tardis, you have my sincere respect if you can ever replicate an Underground train at rush hour.
I'm almost done translating the end of Episode 3 for Seraphic Blue, so if all goes well, I should be able to release the Seraphic Blue Prologue Translation Demo by Christmas.

That said, I've just uploaded the Seraphic Blue game profile which is now on pending and have uploaded some images as a headstart. Will be updated once (and if) the profile's approved :0
Dude, I don't even know what I'm working on. I was working on chapter 3 of Necropolis, but I've decided I don't like the game very much (except for the battles and general outline for the story). I'm seriously considering a fresh start once I get a better sense of direction on how I should assemble these dungeons and how to interlace the cut-scenes appropriately.
I hope you don't fresh start yourself into not finishing it ever.
547/130 monsters for marian done.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Dude, I don't even know what I'm working on. I was working on chapter 3 of Necropolis, but I've decided I don't like the game very much (except for the battles and general outline for the story). I'm seriously considering a fresh start once I get a better sense of direction on how I should assemble these dungeons and how to interlace the cut-scenes appropriately.

Jude: Just finish it. The glory of finishing something outweighs not having it be the best product ever. You can always do better, but finishing something is a skill in and of itself.

Don't be a statistic. Be a hero.


Oh god what is this

Caretaker that dislikes men. Not raped this time!
Good friends with Ox.


Role - Nuker/Healer/Magical
Powers - 2 Energy/4 Burst
Feat - Zealotry: When interacting with a cross, Lyla can revive fallen allies and raise the party's battle effectiveness for a short while

Action - Aid: Restore 30+% HP and cures degens/stat debuffs
Action - Hatred: Fire spell. 50% damage to random/Chain 2. 1.5x damage to men

E - Crucifixion: Fire spell. 100% Damage/Chain 1. 100% Burning rate (7)
E - Life Surge: Restore 40+% HP to all. Each hit lowers DOG by 3 (5)
E -
E - Mysticism: Revives all allies with 40+% HP. Ally has +20% MDEF (8)

B - Miracle: Slow. Restore 60+% HP. Ally has +30% PDEF (15)
B - Divine Seal: Radiant spell. 400% damage/Chain 1. Foe takes 40% less healing (20)
B - Heavenly Caress: Radiant spell. 400% absorption/Chain 1. 110% Accuracy (20)
B -
B - Ataraxia: Restores 10 Energy to all (40)
B - Reverie: Revive ally with 65+% HP. Ally has -20% SPD (10)

P - Blessed Be: When Lyla heals to 100%, +1 BP
P - Acolyte: When reviving, +2 BP
P - Guidance: + Wisdom boost

547/130 monsters for marian done.
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
Don't be a statistic. Be a hero.

this is jude we're talking about here. ARMY STRONG
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Because there isn't enough pretention in the world.


Annoying short chick. Really wants to have sex.
Perfect size for Bill Clinton's desk.


Role - Blitzer/Support/Physimagical
Powers - 4 Energy/2 Burst
Feat - Skulduggery: Perform meaningful and odd tasks

Action - Pilfer: Weapon attack. Each hit raises item drop rate
Action - Eaglesong: Very slow. Ally has +2 Weapon Chain until they act

E - Allegro & Adagio: Weapon attack. 60% damage/adds Wind element/Chain +1 (2)
E - Lady Luck: Weapon attack. 5% damage/Chain 5. Ignores defense. Foe drops rare item if this skill kills (4)
E - Second Wind: Restore 15+% HP/Chain 3. Ally has +15 CRI (4)
E - Whirlwind Samba: Wind spell. 60% damage/Chain 4. Each hit raises Telia's DOG +4 (5)
E - Pericoloso Prestissimo: Very slow. 2x BP earned for three turns, 3x on Telia (7)
E - Nirvana Assault: Weapon attack. 40% damage/adds Ether element/Chain +9. Chaining more successful (13)

B - Zephyr: Regenerates 25+% HP/turn and lowers Threat for five turns (10)
B - Storm Charmer: Weapon attack. 300% damage/adds Volt element/Chain -3. 50% Entrance rate (15)
B - Aria Allegretto: Ally has +25 ACC/+1 Weapon Chain/added Wind element for five turns (15)
B - Whispering Wind: Ally has +20 DOG and cannot be targeted for three turns (25)

P - Featherlight: Having Telia in the party raises action speed
P - Heavenly Tune: Having Telia in the party raises healing taken
P - Melody: When a full Chain of 3 or more damaging hits is executed, +10 Energy

Suggestions for renaming Eaglesong are appreciated. (It was originally Eagle's Flight, but that doesn't fit nicely into the command menu.) +2 Weapon Chain means that "weapon attack" skills hit an extra two times.
Slaving away on a script. Unlike the majority of my RM projects (which all fail due to scope creep), I'm writing a script for all the dialogue and scenes in the game. I have a goal set in mind and have outlined most of the game. Meanwhile, I've asked my friend to be the artist and composer. Right now, he's creating concept art for the characters in the game.

We've both been "RPG Making" on the console makers for a decade now (mainly dicking around in the editor and making parody games), but this is the first time we've actually worked together on a PC RPG Maker. A week or so ago, I asked him, "Why don't we team up on a project for once?" He got it straight away. Since he's an artist and an up-and-coming DJ, I thought we should combine our talents; he makes the graphics and score while I write the story for the game and actually develop it. Plus, this will be good advertisement for his talent, too.

The experience has actually been good thus far, but we're really only a week or so into it. None of my games prior to this have actually had a pre-production phase, but this one does. I'm not actually touching the program until I have written and completely fleshed out the story as well as the mechanics, and he has finished the art and the score. My first team project. It actually feels pretty good, actually. :)

So, yeah. Just working on the script, which will be a really rough version of a film draft, since it is for a game. Mechanics come later. I'm also extensively researching the time period in which the game takes place (1216) and the events that surround it.
I'm trying to spell check my project right now :( before it goes up on the site...
I'm also trying to think of a good introduction to the second act of the game...
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Currently trying to learn Game Maker. Here's what I've mustered after working in it for about an hour. I know, that must sound pathetic to Game Maker gurus.

I sprited the ship and projectiles (lol) myself. The background is just a placeholder. I'll sprite a real background myself in the next day or two.

In this video, I just move the ship around (which changes it's sprite based on what it's doing), and firing off shots.

Next on my agenda is to give the ship proper thruster animations and sound effects, as well as learning how to make "dummy" objects to shoot at and destroy.

The ship firing sounds just like it does in the real Einhander, though you can't hear it in this video because for some reason I couldn't get sound to record. I had to manually add the music to the video.

I'm really enjoying this so far, and it's fun to teach myself. Any Game Maker users feel that this is a decent start?
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Working on a playable demo for The Puppeteer
This is the first time I've worked with rpgmaker2003 seriously and on top of that I'm working towards a shooting game.
Which I find tedious. x.x

But overall the experience is fun, trying hard to make a creepy atmosphere, while making it action-y.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
UPRC, are you using code? I strongly suggest that you do.

And yeah, you know what you're doing somewhat! Good start.

    targets = []
curr = 1
battler.chain.times do
dude = opponents_unit.smooth_target(@target_index)
hits = battler.chain / curr
goal = (30.00 + ([dude.calc_hit(battler) - 100, -10].min + ((battler.agi - 40) / 1.50)) / 2.00) * hits
p "Name: " + battler.name + " | Hit: " + dude.calc_hit(battler).to_s + " | Current: " + hits.to_s + " | Result: " + goal.to_s
targets.push(dude) if rand(100) < goal
curr += 1
dude = opponents_unit.smooth_target(@target_index)
targets.push(dude) if targets == []

Chaining success rate:
30+ (Hit Overflow + (TEC|FOC - 40 / 2)) / 2) * (Chain Max / Current Hit)

Hit Overflow is accuracy - 100; this means that weapons with 125% hit rate are useful for chaining and not just combating high-evasion enemies, as is a high Balance (accuracy+) stat.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
No, I'm not using any code since I'm still brand new to Game Maker. I'm just trying to get used to basic things first. Also I have a habit of not being able to learn any code easily so I'm definitely waiting before I try to tackle it at all.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
This is the time RIGHT NOW when you want to start using it. I'm serious. It's like learning a language at an early age because, well... that's exactly what it is. You're putting yourself at a disadvantage.


I've toyed with a lot of ideas for a long time but as of late I've begun to focus on a project to build a game in the style of Legend of Zelda with Multiplayer, Character Customization, and a Huge Play World as the focus. Think of it as a mini MMO in 8-Bit/16-Bit fashion(undecided yet).

I'm not sure on a lot of things, chief among them how I'm going to do it, but I have begun work on editing the original Link sprites for the purpose of at least having some direction to go in image wise. My Original thought was 6 Races and 6 Classes with the option to choose gender too, but for now I think we'll stick with four models.

I'll have something up soonish
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
VampireZer0, have you ever produced any sort of MMO before? Maybe you should try something smaller, first.
Not really, its not meant to be an MMO at all, more like Diablo 1 or 2.

I understand the implications of this undertaking and a great deal of time will have to go into it I know, but I think its something I'll eventually finish.

My plan is for a single player demo first in those regards.

Edit: I'm thankful for the suggestion though.