I'll just piss away my music credibility right here

Here's the finisher!

Damn I just found that to post the music, the video is incredibly enthralling
yo GRS that's tight as hell
Can you tell that to everybody I know? I can't even play Venetian Snares in the car because nobody else can stand it :(

Less depressing music nobody complains about: Robert Miles!
GRS it's venetian snares that's musical credibility distilled
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
... there are people that don't like venetian snares?
the internet... the internet understands me

(music link so this post isn't a waste)
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
you know, all these electronic beats are reminding me...

i'm not usually one for dubstep, as i really think a lot of it sounds the same, but
this is one track that i find to be filthy huge levels of sick
you know, all these electronic beats are reminding me...

i'm not usually one for dubstep, as i really think a lot of it sounds the same, but
this is one track that i find to be filthy huge levels of sick


based on the few things Jude posted i have deduced that his taste is sick-nasty

fleet foxes are pretty coo' live btw, saw them with some friends a while back, A++ would go again

i listen to every genre under the sun but lately i have been cranking wolves in the throne room and earth more than anything, because i write best to that kind of thing

also jesu, explosions in the sky, and khanate have been cycling through my playlist pretty regularly lately

(obligatory "konyay is a jackass but damn can he make music" bit)
I listen to fast loud and noisy music. Also badass music. And then all kinds of music as well!

Refused is definitely one of my favorite punk bands.

Fugazi I love for their music, and deeply respect for their DIY ethics.

Listening to Kyuss will make your testicles bigger. They are awesome.

The Octopus Project is my favorite instrumental band. Their new album Hexadecagon is incredible.

At the Drive-In is one of my all-time favorites. This video shows really only how much intensity they put into their live performances... not much for listening to. But their music is incredible.

Miles Davis warms the soul with his magic trumpet playing skills. Can't hate this.

Battles make some awesome noises and maintain foot-thumping rhythms. Always interesting to listen to.

There isn't a lot of music I don't like, though I tend to love and listen to the aggressive stuff more than anything. I can't ever escape being 17 it seems.

I listen to pop music. I tend to listen and relisten to one song until I find another. Right now that one song is Bögarnas Fel. (I've probably listened to it a hundred times just in the last week)

I also live and breathe music. I cannot do anything without a soundtrack in the background. Of course to me that soundtrack is nearly always easy-to-listen to pop music. Because any music I listen to is always meant as background.

Even so I like my music to be fairly conventional. I can't stand prog music. Some kind of instrumental masturbation that goes on for fifteen minutes. Jesus Christ. Songs should be four minutes!

Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
Finally, a topic I can actually contribute to!

My music taste is...all over the place. My favourite band used to be Yellow Magic Orchestra but I don't like them as much as I used to (really do think it's time for a username change if Karsu allows).

Nowadays I listen to a lot of Pizzicato Five (pre-Maki Nomiya era). It's pretty much Japanese urban-pop music (I think the precise term is shibuya-kei) that would get me called "gay" pretty quick; nothing overly special but catchy as fuck despite me not understanding the lyrics (although I've looked up translations online and they're not that bad as far as love songs go!). Bellisma! is probably my favourite album of theirs followed by Pizzicatomania and Couples.

Another band I'm big on atm is this electronic/jam band called Lotus. Apparently the type of band one would go see with a bag of E in handy but I'm not into drugs so I just enjoy the music, and it's pretty amazing. Here's a track I particularly like; sorry about the video, there weren't any better ones.

In terms of jazz, I'm a big fan of Truth and Soul Records (Lee Fields and El Michels Affair in particular) . Before you ask: yeah, GTA: Chinatown Wars is what introduced me to the label. (EDIT: Aaah I can't believe I forgot about Casiopea: everyone stop what you're doing and go listen to this now)

Also Talking Heads and Killing Joke (EDIT: Actually KJ not that much) but everyone knows (or at least should know) about these two so I won't write about them.

I like a shedload of other bands as well but these are the main ones. so I'll just leave my Last.fm here if anyone's interested.

EDIT: I feel guilty so I'll mention another once-upon-a-time-favourite band, Stereolab. They've done stuff varying from Drone-ish rock to very catchy political tunes to lounge. Would really recommend if you're looking for something pretentious and don't mind somewhat bland vocals (although I'm pretty sure the two go hand in hand...).

I was feeling a tad depressed before writing this post but I feel much better now after remembering how great music is. Thanks Mog!

(ps really liking Organized Konfusion!)
I enjoy music but I wouldn't call myself as an ACTIVE music listener, whereas I am active when it comes to video games/anime/movies. Though, a good majority of my house mates are music nuts and they would play songs in the lounge and I would randomly like some of the songs they play.

Here is one that I'm extremely fond of:
Have some more music

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I generally listen to JPop, anime music (yes, that's a genre known as "anison", short for "anime song", in Japan), and video game music with a preference to Japanese compositions. Some tracks, like the main theme from the Discovery Channel documentary When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions also find a place in my favorites list.
My favorite band of all-time is Marilyn Manson. It has been for years. I also love other bands like Nine Inch Nails, Vast, Cold, Staind, Weezer (mainly their older stuff), KoRn, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Adema (when Mark Chavez was the singer), ICP, Twiztid, Eminem, and the list keeps going...

So I guess, to sum it up, I mainly dig like the darker stuff...not always the heavier sound, but just the darker sound. Or I also just really like music with actual meaning, unlike 90% of what you hear on the radio nowadays. I'm also a musician myself, and I usually make a rap/rock sound, mainly based on emotion instead of the typical rap subjects like "getting money" and "bitches". Ugh, I hate the rap you hear on the radio, like Lil Wayne. Blah.
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
fuck bitches get money?
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To get the thread back on topic.

I enjoy listening to an eclectic mix of music. When I was younger, I use to be a huge fan of progressive rock , though my love for it kind of waned a bit. I still like it, but not nearly as much as I use to. My favorite band then was Dream Theater, though I stopped listening to their newer material past A Change of Season and Scenes from a Memory, which were both masterpieces, in my opinion. Nowadays, I just bounce from song to song, genre to genre. Though it is typically concentrated in Jazz, Folk, Videogame Soundtracks and Progressive Rock, still. I've also taken a liking to a few random specific songs like Ordinary World by Duran Duran, though I don't really listen to much of their other stuff. Oh! I can't forget to mention I adore Space Rock and Post-Modern Rock as well; I haven't heard many people talk about that genre, sadly. :(

Here are some samples of some badass sounds.

I think, in short, I really like "dreamy" songs that give me a rich sense of imagery. I guess that is why most of my favorite songs tend to be instrumental. The ones that do have lyrics typically relate to my life and allows me to just self-reflect after a difficult day or time.