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Richard Bona is quite possibly the single greatest bassist i have ever heard in any style of music.
This I can't agree with.
you don't have to. it's an opinion, bro. (: also, while you only soundbyted one sentence of the post, the overall post was about his songwriting, not his bass shtick. he plays other instruments too, dawg!

for the record though, i'm not a huge vic wooten fan. he's very very good, but he's what i'd call all-chops-no-innovation. in a way, i think that actually makes sense that you'd like him as a bassist yourself- chopsy guys are great to learn from.
anyway, i don't feel like he pushes the envelope much. unlike bassists like Larry Graham and, like you said, Jaco Pastorius, who really stretched not only what the instrument is capable of, but how it is percieved and in what genres of music it is used.

and while we're on jazz/funk bassists, i'm going to mention Marcus Miller. (yay more potential divisiveness)
i play along to Marcus Miller tunes a lot- his playing is really technically good, but without being so chopsy or cluttered that it's not accessible to a musician on another instrument, such as myself. totally pocket player, and he's pretty adventurous in his choice of material. i love how melodic his slap playing is.

^ that link is Marcus doing a cover of Edgar Winters' Frankenstein. i've heard a lot of folks that hate it and say it can't compare to the original, but i think Marcus took it in a pretty cool direction.
you guys is crazy if you talk about melodic funk bass and don't shoutout bootzilla

glory be the funk

on a related note eddie hazel: criminally underrated guitar player
a lot better than being a wapanese kiddo

Japanese Avant Garde Noise Rock 8)

I love music. Sometimes I love experimental music like Mr. Bungle,Rin Toshite Shigure,World's End Girlfriend and Circle Takes the Square. But sometimes, there is this voice in my head that says: "Hey put some Brendan Benson or Sun Ra (some of his works are really calming me down)on your playlist". I spend the most of my free time searching for new bands unless I'm watching an old series like Daria or The Sopranos or doing some drawing/pixel art. Meh.

I'm listing some artist that I like:

The Appleseed Cast, Foo Fighters, Brendan Benson, Minus the Bear, Circle Takes the Square, Rin Toshite Shigure, ミドリ, school food punishment, Envy, DeVotchKa, Beck, The Pop Group, The Smashing Pumpkins, World's End Girlfriend, bloodthirsty butchers, Gogol Bordello, Hirasawa Susumu, Dhal, Captain Hedge Hog, Naan, nervous light of sunday, 睡è"®, The Antlers, Avi Buffalo, Ten Thousand Leagues and many more \o

I listen to fast loud and noisy music. Also badass music. And then all kinds of music as well!

Refused is definitely one of my favorite punk bands.

Battles make some awesome noises and maintain foot-thumping rhythms. Always interesting to listen to.
I love Refused and Battles.

is it too late for ironhide facepalm
i too have a thing for the noisy and japanese things of this earth; namely, melt banana.

crazy little asian dude with a fuzz pedal and some kind of modded/broken digitech whammy pedal doing all sorts of ridiculous guitar shit over appealing fuzzy drums and bass while a japanese chick half-sings-half-babbles incomprehensibly. appropriately, a youtube comment on the above video describes their sound as "searing." hits the nail soundly on the head if you ask me.
sounds like shit on paper, but sounds damn good in practice, if i do say so myself. and i do.
there is a part of me that will always love bands that are almost an unlistenable wall of noise or who make horrifying alien sounds.

this is another favourite of mine when it comes to wall-of-noise bands; Lightning Bolt.
Lightning Bolt is drums and bass. that's it. they're pretty nuts to see live, in that they don't play on stage, they play right down in the crowd. they have towers of speakers all pumping out shitloads of highly-distorted super-fuzzy bass tone, crazy distorted vocals(which sound like the alien noises i mentioned before) and drum thrashing at insane decibel levels. they're quite literally one of the loudest bands on earth- if the drummer were to remove his protective air traffic controller headgear, he would go deaf.
i salute their ability to be both driving musically and ambient sounding at the same time. if you only like pop music or really like anything that follows the usual conventions of music, stay away. stay far, far away.
the above video is the studio version of this tune, but if you hear it and are intrigued, i encourage you to look up a few live versions on youtube. hell of a ride.
I skimmed what most people said. Music topics are nice, but it seems more fun to write one's own music likes that listening to everyone else's. I'll try to make mine short, probably fail, and then check out some music recommendations from you guys.

I've always been into punk, but as I get older I listen to more genres.

For rap I like P.O.S.. My favourite song of his is "De La Souls". The lead singer from the Bouncing Souls does the chorus. Check it out if you want to, it's on youtube.

pop/punk always leads to two albums: My Brain Hurts by Screeching Weasel and that album by the Ergs! which name I always forget. Dorkcorkrockchord? Something like that. Best pop/punk song in my opinion is The Ergs! "Pray for Rain". It's best listened with the track before is as an introduction to it.

For more intense stuff, I'm really digging Dangers' first album. Power Chord Blues is a great hardcore song.

For Japanese stuff I listen to fairly mainstream pop/punk mainly. Mongol800 and Blue Hearts are great. While mainstream, both groups aren't really inside the industry.

My favourite song of all time is by a shitty band called the Broadways. The song is called "Restless".

I'll end with a youtube video from a band I didn't mention who plays folk music. The song is called "The Best Ever Death Metal Band out of Denton". Excuse the graphic. I know it's lame.


world's end girlfriend are pretty rad. i also like mono but i haven't really listened to their latest album. the collaboration album between the two is pretty fantastic!


yeah melt banana are pretty awesome. I also like electric eel shock and more noisy stuff, like merzbow.
by the way, "ride the sky" was covered by the thing on their action jazz album; it's a really cool cover!
I have quite the wide range of musical tastes, but they typically fall under Rock/Metal and Ska. Some favorite Rock/Metal bands of mine are System of a Down, Protest the Hero, Between the Buried and Me, All That Remains, Metallica, Tool, Billy Talent, and Nightwish.
My exposure to Ska isn't that big, as I've only really listened to Streetlight Manifesto, Mustard Plug, and Reel Big Fish.
Plus there's so many other bands that I love for different reasons. Their sound, lyrics, the emotion of the music, or whatever.
How about this, I'll just link a few different songs. Too lazy to rant on in depth of what I enjoy at the moment, save that for another time when I'm not sleep deprived.

Protest the Hero - Blindfolds Aside
Between the Buried and Me - Alaska
Streetlight Manifesto - Would You Be Impressed?
Reel Big Fish - Don't Start a Band
Modest Mouse - Guilty Cocker Spaniels
Janelle Monae

I was JUST listening to this literally one second ago! I've been listening to her nearly every day since I discovered her last year.

Anyway, I listen to music when I'm working out and when I'm out and about like everybody else.

My music taste is kind of embarrassing though, so I won't post any of it, but I will say that I am a *proud* Amerie and Nelly Furtado (and Kelis) stan, if for no other reason that they came out during an important time my childhood, so I kind of have this strange loyalty/sentimental value-thing towards them. It also helps that they make albums that I enjoy.

I listen to a bunch of shit though. As long as it has a good beat, a good melody and isn't too generic doesn't have lyrics that are offensive, it will probably find its way to my ipod. I'm probably too easy to please for my own good.
author=tardis n nemo
melt banana
melt banana indeed

The first and most formative decade of my life spanned 1984-1994 and this shows strongly in my musical tastes, on the whole my tastes are pretty broad but most of my collection is pretty tightly focused :p

Admittedly I wasn't really into music (or anything that wasn't directly related to the beach, my NES, or my A500) when I was really little, the songs I knew by heart were pretty much limited to stuff like itsy bitsy spider and "go for it red, go for it black, GO 4 IT (get off my back!) CONNECT 4!!!!!!!!!"

Then thanks to some way older siblings, these entered my life:

Nirvana - Bleach
Soundgarden - Louder Than Love
Mother Love Bone - Apple
Alice in Chains - Facelift
Meat Puppets - Monsters
Ween - Godweensatan: The Oneness (ok this one doesn't really fit in)
Melvins - Bullhead
Green River - Dry as a Bone/Rehab Doll (compilation)

And through these I eventually learned to appreciate a much wider variety of music, though these and other bands of the time will always be "home".

Before I start sperging out any further here are some examples of these bands (not all from the albums listed)

^^ The thing about this album in particular is that as amazing as their fans generally agree it is, it actually was received really poorly (people expected a followup to Too High to Die, their previous chart-topper, and instead got this album with a rather different sound) and significantly contributed to the Pups falling out of the limelight. Well, that and the fact that their best promoter erased his own face with a shotgun the previous year :v
also I couldn't decide which song off that album to post so alternatively you can enjoy this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qk70garJSRg&fmt=18

So I basically got to enjoy like 5-6 years of joyous synergy with the mainstream before promptly joining the seething mass of cranky, jilted has-been assholes in our mutual fate of cold and lonely irrelevance that fuels an intense, burning resentment of the music industry and those among its consumers that can't tell the difference between their brand new CD and the last identical 500 they bought

blah blah blah flannel and ripped jeans and high tops and hemp necklaces

I know what some of you other 90s babies are thinking, and no, I didn't forget to put Pearl Jam on that list. Even though the bassist/guitarist were in Mother Love Bone and also Green River (two amazing/influential early acts of the era), Eddie Vedder makes my butt puke and should go fuck himself with a rake every day. I'd even filter his voice out of Temple of the Dog if I had the knowhow. That said, there are actually songs where Eddie isn't trying to sound as shitty and contrived as possible and during those songs Pearl Jam can get pretty fucking great

uh i respected you

what have you done
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
Nirvana wasn't THAT bad...
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let's talk filmscore for a sec here.

i am a colossal fan of Ennio Morricone. for me at least, this piece is the single greatest bit of film score ever written:

the entire movie- which is a masterpiece and you should watch it- builds up the same kind of gradually growing intensity and presence present in the theme. the two go together incredibly well, but the theme also stands on its own as just a well-arranged, well-written, and well-orchestrated piece of music. right at 2:38 you hit the penultimate moment of the theme, the instrumentation changes up a bit, and a little of the mounting tension and excitement is released, though not necessarily in the most conventional way nor by using the most conventional of tonal resolves.

i could go on about this theme for days. every part of it works so perfectly within itself and within the context of the film. as a theme, its ability to be both broad and hopeful, yet understated at the same time all through the initial build of excitement blows me away every time.

...god i hope i'm not the only filmscore faggot here
ennio morri... monni... moori...

album ariented rock
Man I don't feel like posting a youtube video so I'm just going to tell you guys.

Led Zeppelin (Love Jimmy Page)

The Beatles


Those are my favorite bands.
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so a friend just turned me on to this pretty swell indie act from the UK- Mumford & Sons. i'm digging on their folk-y sound and i especially like the musically rich/huge bits of their arrangements. the breadth of instruments present in their music is impressive to me- sure beats the usual Seattle indie band setup of a couple of janky, shitty-sounding guitars and an electric piano or badly used tiny korg keyboard.

this tune is a pretty good example of their overall sound. they're almost american colonial sounding at times- odd considering they're from the UK, but it's something i really like in their sound. banjo in music that isn't bluegrass is a great love of mine. banjo in general is, really- i've always loved it as an instrument, and it is a secret goal of mine to some day buy a banjo and teach myself to play it a la Steve Martin.

this one shows off some of that 'hugeness' i was talking about earlier. i've always loved layered vocals, and this is no exception.