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So like, where are all of you from? What city do you hail from, and what does it look like? I'm curious; tell us about the city you're from, were raised in, or live now; whatever you identify with the most! Give me some info and pictures, extra points for cool skyline pictures. If you're from a small town and you don't have any cool pictures, just telling us about it is fine too. If you're one of those types that still thinks the year is 1996 and don't want to give out where you live because you think the AOL pedophiles/terrorists/whoever is going to get you, relax. I don't want pictures of your house or who you are; just tell me about where you're from and give us a cool pic.

I'll start. I'm from Pittsburgh, a major city on the East Coast of the USA, in the western side of the state of Pennsylvania. It's pretty big; the city's metropolitan as a whole has a population of about 2.5 million people, and the land area itself characterized by three rivers meeting at a point, with Downtown and the urban core being at the point of the rivers (with the rest of the city being outside of it), there's a lot of places and things to do as well. Pittsburgh is particularly known for its sports (Go Steelers. We've won more Superbowls than anyone. Six rings), food, and the arts; there's a lot of theater stuff going on in our cultural district, and the city has a HUGE underground music scene.

There's also a lot of universities here, with the biggest and most prominent one being the University of Pittsburgh, a very well acclaimed university for many students wishing to be doctors or go into the medical field; our hospitals are nation renowned. . Our neighbors Cleveland (protip; as a rule, people from Pittsburgh hate Cleveland. Fuck Cleveland) and Philadelphia means that a lot of people come here to visit and on business as well.

As far as my own experience and words; well, I was born and raised here. I've seen all sides of the city, it can be very nice, and it can be pretty crazy in its own way. There's a definite character in its culture and its people, and growing up I've met countless people and personalities, and did a lot of stuff. I'll miss it when I ship out, that's for sure.

Very nice pic of our skyline, but its huge, so.

Well, I live in Denver, Colorado right now and it's pretty awesome. It's got a "little big city" vibe, offering all of the attractions of most major cities but less crowded and with a sense of community.

Anyway, we've got an NHL (hockey) team called the Avalanche, an NBA (basketball) team called the Nuggets, an NFL (American football) team called the Broncos, an MLB (baseball) team called the Rockies, and even a fucking lacrosse team (which is cost-effective entertainment, for sure).

If sports aren't up your alley, Denver has more art galleries per capita than any other city in the USA, the second most theater productions after New York City, and innumerable venues for music concerts.

If the arts aren't your thing, Denver is backdropped by the Rocky Mountains which offer some of the best skiing and snowboarding during the winter time, and fantastic camping/hiking adventures for the summer. Denver citizens have such an active lifestyle that Colorado has the lowest obesity rate in the USA... The number of good-looking, slim people is noticeable whenever you go to a shopping mall or wherever.

A lot of people have this misconception that Denver is a snowy place, but while we get a bit of snow here and there (especially October or March), Denver advertises and backs up 300+ days of sunshine a year. While it's not sunny San Diego, it's almost always nice outside. The last two weeks it's been in the mid-60s (though we just got nailed by a cold front last night... brrrr....).

Anyway, I don't know what else to write, nor do I feel like revising any of this post so it's easier to read so I'm just going to leave you with a picture and press "Submit."

I hear Denver's nice. I have a friend who's moving there soon. I'm surprised about the relative lack of snow, though.
I live in Pasadena, Newfoundland. It's pretty small, nestled in the forest, so there isn't much to do. Although it's nice being so close to nature.

Some random pictures I took:

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I come from the asshole of America. No. I am not shitting you - my hometown is Stockton, arguable the most miserable city in California. Heck, the whole country. Forbes listed Stockton as the most miserable city in the United States for awhile, though we lost to Cleveland this year (not because we got any better). Years ago, when the town was still agricultural, it was a decent place to live and raise children. However, commuters from the Bay Area decided they want cheaper, bigger and more hip houses so they recklessly purchased homes in the Valley where Stockton is in. When gas prices went home and other realities struck, they realize that they could no longer afford the homes and many of them are now foreclosed. Stockton, which had greatly expanded and created more facilities, now has a new economic drain. Now it is an awful and abysmal place to live - however, home is still home.

On the contrary, I now live in the most expensive but safe places in the US, Irvine.

Yes, this is mother fucking December.
It's like toothpicks against a tank
Jealous of several things about that picture. Namely...

-proximity to blizzard entertainment hq
I just ventured outside to take pictures of where I live. I climbed a hill and took some photos that I inexpertly stitched together.

The red arrow is where my house is.

Goddamn snow.

I live in the town of Raseborg (named after this castle). Which is three (or more, depending on how you look at it) towns stitched together on January 2009 to make a larger town. Of those stitched together I live in Karis/Karjaa.

However I grew up in one of the other ones called Ekenäs/Tammisaari. But I can't be bothered taking the car to take a picture of that but wikimedia commons has a nice aerial shot of the town centre (I grew up a bit to the right of the image on the other side of those bridges)

The majority of Raseborg is Swedish-speaking (66%), making it the largest town in Finland with a Swedish-speaking majority. (Of course it's still only about 30 000 people in this town, making it... let's check wikipedia... the 35th largest town in Finland)

The town is a fairly typical "small town" with a fairly typical "small town mentality". That is people write into the local newspaper complaining about youngsters driving around the town square at night during weekends and not allowing the good citizens a good night's sleep. And there's a second division football team (and a team for every division after that as well). The town has a long history. Even though it was created in 2009, the towns inside it have a long history with recorded history usually starting somewhen when the castle the town is named after was built (some time in the 14th century).

The town is located at the southernmost tip of Finland (with a neighbouring town being Finland's southmost town), between the two big cities of Finland (Ã…bo/Turku and Helsingfors/Helsinki).

Oldham is where I'm originally from. It's one of the closest towns to Manchester, which is where I currently live (it's only ~10 miles from my house in Manchester to my dad's house in Oldham). I don't have pretty pictures 'cause I'm not from a town with a pretty skyline. In fact, we only have one tall building, the civic centre:

The town used to be important in the industrial revolution because we made a shit-tonne of textiles. Wikipedia tells me that "(Oldham) was the most productive cotton spinning mill town in the world, spinning more cotton than France and Germany combined". I never knew that, but now I have an obscure comparison to point out how awesome we were at making things (and how lame France was. Huzzah!). Near where my parent's live, the old cotton mills still stand, but they're now used for other industries or stand empty. It's a bit sad.

Oldham is really a town that's had it's day and, even though I like where I'm from, I can't ignore the fact that most people think it's a horrible place. I can't blame them because we've only ever made the news for two things in recent memory and neither of them are good:

1. The Race Riots.

If I tell most English people where I am from then, if they have heard of it at all, this is the first thing that they mention. It annoys the crap out of me that people think we're just a town full of angry racists, but there's not much we can do about it. It also annoys me that people ignore that Stoke City fans helped fuel the whole thing (not that I am ignoring the real issues behind the riots happening) because...

"Several racist skirmishes occurred in the town, including visiting football supporters from Stoke City F.C. hurling racist abuse at local Asian individuals. Attacks followed, initially from Stoke City fans, and then more serious retaliatory attacks and petrol bomb throwing from local male Bangladeshi groups..."

... here's a fun fact: I was at that football game. I was 14 at the time and it was not fun getting home. Fucking Stoke City.

2. We are the face of binge-drinking Britain.

Basically, a club called Tokyo's (I never go there, the place is a hole) started a promotion where you could get into the club for something like £5 and then get free drinks for the whole night. The council/government/health people were not happy, tabloid newspapers made a big fuss out of it and the BBC aired a program about how bad our town is because we spend all our time getting pissed and fighting each other.

Buuuuuuuuuut, I still like it. My oldest friends live there and I'd rather spend time in Oldham with them than be anywhere else in the world without them.
those houses are really pretty, YDS...American houses seem to be much nicer than english ones haha

I grew up in a place called Harehills, it was really rough. Our window was constantly being smashed in with rocks and i dreaded bonfire night because people always threw fireworks through our letterbox. We're in a nicer area now though :) and i'm pretty much a badman cos i survived.
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While I'm not being FG's neighbour (i.e. living in Manchester) I study in central London. (I don't think I need to post pictures or anything - at least, I hope not) While it's expensive as fudge, I'm loving the racial diversity, travelling on the Underground (when it's not rush hour) and generally being in the centre of everything. I mean I could literally walk to fucking Harrods and be there in like 15 minutes. Surreal.

I'm heading back to Manc tomorrow for the Christmas holidays, but would much rather stay here honestly, because for the first time ever I actually feel like in.... (sob story)

As for my hometown, I don't really have one thanks to travelling from place to place (often country to country) due to the nature of my dad's job. The country I'm from (as in, according to my passport), though...prefer not to talk about it. Whenever someone comes up to me and asks "Where you from?" or "What's your place of origin?" I'm always half-tempted to dodge the issue and say "EARTH, motherfucker" but I guess you can't help your roots or whatever, despite having nothing in common with your, uh, fellow countrymen.
I live in the Trinidad part of Trinidad and Tobago, small island republic in the Caribbean.

The good:

1. On the outside, it's very nice, if you like it simple and common. It's not overly developed and pretty small. The population is slightly above a million. A frequent tourist destination, especially around our Carnival.

2. You can't really drive straight for an hour without coming across a beach.

3. Most of the people are pretty friendly and nice. Very chill atmosphere. They call here the "party island".

4. Very rich and diverse customs and cultures. Interesting history. Great food. Also everybody speaks in a sing-song manner, which might be funny to an outsider. Nobody speaks proper English here. How I type here is definitely not how I talk in real life.

The bad:

1. The crime levels in some areas is appalling. It's not advised to go anywhere alone.

2. Not many huge employment opportunities. If you live here, you have to live modestly.

3. It CAN get pretty boring if you can't get accustomed to island life.

4. Nicki Minaj's birthplace.

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I live in the outer suburbs of the captial city of Victoria in Australia, Melbourne. It's pretty awesome here, though the weather can be nigh unpredictable (we're known for having all seasons in one day and they're not joking.) Several areas recently flooded, and prior to this year we were coming out of a 12-year drought. Yeah.
I live really close to the shops and my school. It's an okay area but there's lots of people driving around in vans trying to pick up my sister. Oh and other girls. She just wears low cut shirts and she really shouldn't.
The actual city centre is great, there's tons of museums, shopping, art galleries, and usually something cool going on, and it's only around an hour by train to get in there.
However, from 5 to 11 I lived in a small country town called Rochester, about 2 hours north of Melbourne and literally a barren wasteland. It's got a population of about 3000, though it was smaller when I was a kid, and it has nothing to do. It was really a poor place for an anti-social, restricted person like me to grow up in. Plus my Mum wouldn't let me do anything anyway, but we did live in the Bronx of the town, lots of druggies in our area.

But anyway, Melbourne shots.

The Eiffel Tower like building is the Art Gallery. Cool building :3

This is Federation Square, which usually has awesome stuff going on. It's really iconic, and usually ends up being a meeting place when on excursions/etc.

And this is my local shopping centre! XD.
i live in solihull, but i identify with birmingham too

here's my high street. what you can't see are the horrible 50s monstrosities on the other side but generally it's nice:

it's a bit of a con though because i live right on the border with birmingham:

there's some interesting stuff in the city centre, like the selfridges building:

victoria square, with the council house straight out of central europe...:

...and the town hall out of ancient rome:

it's pretty cool by the canals too:

this is my real home B), my seat's right on the halfway line a few rows up:

I'm actually too embarrassed to tell you guys where I live.
bill i have just tried to sell birmingham as anything other than a decaying wreck

what could possibly be worse
I live in Orlando, Florida. TOURIST CENTRAL! Do not let the brochures and pamphlets fool you. Orlando, or at least the area I live in, is a dump. "The City Beautiful" my ass. Disney World and Universal get old after awhile, too.
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