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can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Spiral Knights is a free-to-play MMORPG (kinda*) and I think it's pretty fun. I'd basically say it's a game for people who are sick of MMORPGs that have too much emphasis on stats (i.e. not for Craze)

Was this necessary?
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
I'd basically say it's a game for people who are sick of MMORPGs that have too much emphasis on stats (i.e. not for Craze)

Karsuman, ChaosProductions and I used to play Free Realms together.

The game itself looks very slick, especially that boss. I'll definitely be trying this out.
This game probably isn't for me. I like MMORPGS that make you grind for 200-300 hours to max each stat/level. Else everyone in the game is maxed and it's boring. I mean obviously there will be more then one person maxed eventually, but it will take a while and it will only be a small percent of the player base that has maxed out.
I picked it up yesterday. Fairly fun so far. Killing a room full of enemies is kinda challenging when you're on your own though :P
Like slow, dull combat? Like games that limit your playtime per day? Like role-playing a glorified Hello Kitty robot? Like painfully slow character progression? Then you'll probably like Spiral Knights, which is pretty much a combination of all those things!

oh btw for the curious, this is how the closed beta went:
this game is cool!
*energy economy explodes*
*spends legitimate real-life cash $$$ on virtual electricity*
*gets really rich in-game*
this game rules!
*everything gets nerfed to hell*
*every decent crafting recipe now requires extremely rare materials*
at least i'm rich and can just buy equips, right?
*all equip prices increase exponentially*
i seriously spent money on this garbage
ooo this looks fun.

...though I never really got into LoZ games. Is it more hack-n-slash Diablo fun, or more puzzle-y lame gimmick-fight LoZ "fun"?
Add "Littlewingguy" if you want to play with me.

I think it's quite fun. Very simple, easy to pick up and play. It's got the Zelda vibe of picking up pots and chopping grass, but I'd compare the gameplay to Gauntlet with cute robots more than anything else.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
I've played this game. I love it to pieces. I generally like MMOs that utilize more tactical skill than just stats alone.

Some things to correct here, though: There IS some grinding... so to speak. As you defeat enemies in the game, they drop money and "heat". Heat helps you level up your weapons/equipment to make them stronger, and you see these results once you complete a "floor" in a dungeon.

Also, there is still kind of a "level imbalance" among players. Ranking isn't represented by stat level, it's represented by your equipment. Players with "5-star" equipment are basically the ones who've been playing for a while, while players with the 0-star or 2-star eqipment are newbies. You advance through "tiers", or advance to harder dungeons with stronger monsters, when you reach a requirement judged by your equipment.

There are essentially two ways to get the high-rank equipment: Buy it from an NPC or make it through crafting. Both requires you to replay dungeons to gather crafting materials and money. So there is some "grinding" in this game.

Honestly, though, this is one of the best action-based MMOs I've played so far. It's also fun as hell to play co-op with other players. I highly recommended this game.
Looks fun enough. I may try it out.
dropped a hundred on this game and now i cannot eat
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