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Hi guys! I'm new here. The guy in my avatar is a part of a series of my own.

Some things about myself:
I can sprite, but can't compose or script.
I also like to draw non-spriting art.

By the way, where do you post games that you have completed? I'd like to post mine here in case it would garner some reviews for the next game I make (the more the better!)
By more dedication and pation you put in a game wins to "The more the better", Also, welcome to the RMN Community ;), I hope you enjoy this site. If U need something I am a student who doesn't care to much about school so I have some free time to help, don't know how but I can be useful if I try.

Also, your avatar doesn't appear, make it sure that you put the correct link
Thank you for the greeting Mr. Chearlie!

Er, by "the more the better" I meant reviews. I put plenty of patience into the game in question, but reviews would be great, since that means that the next game can be even better. Just general suggestions on how to improve the game would be good, but I do hope that it is enjoyable as well, or else the game hasn't done its job. :)

Mostly though, hello RMN community! The layout is cool but kind of confusing to me since I'm used to the rpgmakervx.net forums. I hope to see you around Mr. Chearlie. :)
Go up to the Submissions menu up to and click Submit Game. Then enter a good description, 3 screenshots and then wait for the lazy admins to get off their asses and accept the game!

Welcome to RMN!
I just did a double-take at your aaaaaahvatar.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Welcome to RMN! Share your creativity with us!
Ah, you're here too now.
Welcome to RMN, ihsorak. Post lots, share stuff, become one with the community, and other such things.
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