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I am thinking the year 2081. ;)
OMG That's exactly what I was thinking!! I don't know WIP, I work on it but just not as much as I used to, and I'm always redoing things, but to be honest I wouldn't care if I released something in 2 days or 2 years from now as long as it's what I wanted to achieved with it then I'm good.
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That looks pretty cool Veridianne. Is this for that gaming contest being held on gaming world?
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Another screenshot from Dragon Fantasy 2! Huzzah! I just completed the map a few moments ago.
It's like toothpicks against a tank

I love this game already. Does it also have DW style gameplay and progression?

Wasn't it you who needed the NES-style boss theme?

If I find a hint if free time in the next millenium, I'm tempted to do this if the gameplay is good.
Ha ha, awesome! XD.

DW gameplay and progression? Well, it has some of it. I can't really say it has IT, because I don't think I can pull it off THAT well. However, I would say that it has progression and gameplay which are vyer similar.

And yeah, it was me who requested some NES boss music. >.>

If you want to give it a try, then it's one the site somewhere.
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CrazeTex (5:37:27 PM): btw
CrazeTex (5:37:31 PM): Ephiam's first game
CrazeTex (5:37:32 PM): is
CrazeTex (5:37:35 PM): incredible.
CrazeTex (5:37:41 PM): If you like NES games.
Harmonic4242 (5:38:12 PM): k
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
Nobody is driving that car, YDS! :o
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Yes there is! The window is just dark!
Which Party Changing is better? It's really a head or tails thing for me, since i've still got them both. Walk around and talk to them or Custom menu type thing.

I also gave an edit to this. It fits in more with the style now, plus it shows moar information.
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I would pick these two. I find the character select screen better than just walking around to gather your party. The second pic i find better than the other mainly because it shows more detail and the background seems to suit it better.
I have to agree with DD here. The menu-esque party change screen is much more efficient, and therefore a lot more tolerable if your player is changing his party often. The second skill tree looks really slick to me, nice job with it ^_^
Wow, everyone's screens here are looking great.

Still working on the winter area for my game. I am still not sure what I am going to do, but I am experimenting with this chipset. Which frozen water should I use? Or should I find another one? Any suggestions would be great.

Little Wing Guy: Whoah, those screens look great. I like the cluttered style (where there is a lot on-screen/ going on.) And I would have to agree with those who said to go with the menu-based part selection system.It would just be more convinient, I think. Also, I would have to add that on the second screen shot, I would pick the blueish menu. I just like that look. =)

iamnot: Nice. I would say to go with the ice that looks as if it were a mixture of the many other blues (one in the right-hand corner). I like that look better than the greyish ice, personally. Also, I like the forest and all...but the top of the tree seems to be too small compared to the trunk. =\

And here is another DF II screenshot. It is a sort of puzzle area. Nothing big, really. I just wanted to put something different in there.

I'm dizzy looking at it... that must be one heck of a puzzle.
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Nobody is driving that car, YDS! :o

You have obviously never played Burnout. Phantom cars are all the rage man!
@Ephiam- I laughed when i read "nothing big". That map is huge and looks well designed. Hurry up and get the full version out. ;)

@Despain- Looks cool. I like the custom tiles you have used there.