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I don't know. I'm kinda big on choosing the right medium for your ideas.

There's nothing I spoof more than RPGs, even though I spoof everything, the mob boss in the first town is named Vito, and the song that plays when you're in his mansion is the godfather theme.

a long misadventure that needs image spoofs, music, that can be done by two people, without working capital or fancy equipment - rpgmaker is definitely the right medium

I was not talking about your game since I don't think it has a 0 in any area. It had become sort of a theoretical discussion. XD
note - this conversation about action scenes ran off into the other thread, I'm putting this back here and updating the OP for focus

Well, I wasn't specifically asking for a critique of the scene. I knew the action was well choreographed. And I knew the graphics were really bad. I wanted to know if people found scenes like that entertaining. If it was worthwhile, basically. You could be "impressed" but not like it. Or "unimpressed" but enjoyed it. I wanna know if other people liked it.

THEN, I got comments on how the "action" itself could be improved. Earsplitting noise, ease up. Too much battle animation clutter, try smaller animations or using pictures. Lighting was bad, can't see choreography when it's dark. THOSE were really helpful.

Does it sound silly to ask if people like action cutscenes? It sounds obvious, of course they do! Then I'm like... well why are they so rare? It's not like these gamemakers are lacking in any technical ability. It might be because 2D action is kinda lame. So I ask. Here's an example.
I enjoyed the visual inconsistency. It was like "OMFGBBQSAUCEANDBONESFLUANCHLEIKABAWSYEAHSONN"

It was so actiony that it was awesome and it also made me laugh at the same time. I know you must have put a good bit of time and effort into all of that. It was pretty epic.
I liked it over all and thought it was cool. My only complaint was that I found it very dark and hard to see what was happening.
For me when it comes to cutscenes I like to hold the classics on a pedestal. FFVI and SD3 being the pinnacle.(perhaps also CT) And the key to these were the character poses.

While a lot of them were cartoony or throwbacks to anime, they were exaggerated because they had to convey an array of emotions and actions in a very small resolution. One of the things I loved about SD3 was how it started with a lot of action, playing as Hawk robbing some dude's house in the desert, and the poses brought that scene to life, and communicated character.

I don't have a problem with battle animations, they're useful in a similar way that they're a visual crutch to convey action within the confines of a small resolution, but you have to be smart about their use.

Some parts of this video work well, others are over the top and ridiculous. (which if it really is a comedy game I guess this is justified) And yeah I found myself cracking up. (if only ironically or not)
Aside from the visuals its 1:02, I have my own game to build and I still found it entertaining. Personally I would add poses and use pictures but it was enjoyable.
I love those scenes they add style to the game, it's just hard to use them. With lots of creativity, you can make a dam good scene (which you did)

I feel like if you shrunk the animations and use more sprites as animations (I know that adds complexity) it would fit even well...Really good scene though.
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