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Echo607 Fangame Review

Echo607 fangame is so far the worst RPG maker game I’ve played in a long time, but that doesn’t mean it’s without its merits, no matter how small they might be. Let’s start with the story. The game starts off with Echo607 wanting to make a video, but her computer needs to be turned on as someone shut off the power. Echo then gets a key, goes into the abandoned room, and gets the mechanic. Then you go downstairs and fight a ninja which comes out of absolutely nowhere. Then the game just abruptly ends by the developer literally materializing and declaring the game is over. Despite the story being so short and simple, it falters in many ways. The game is written in heavily broken english, making it sometimes hard to understand what people are saying. The NPCs do absolutely nothing and have no reason to exist, and just reference other named characters, some who never appear in the actual game. Everything, from the music to the graphics, are all RTP. While this isn’t a bad thing, and the game does a good job with the basic assets, it just shows how little effort the developer put into this game. He even mentions that in the game page, but then follows that up by saying he put his heart into this game, which contradicts his previous statement. As well as that, the one battle the game has against the ninja is literally the overused “attack until you get low then heal” battle system that pretty much all low-quality RPG Maker games use. The only redeeming quality about the game is the cool light effects in the outside area and the decent mapping, but those might just all be sample maps anyways as I’m not as familiar with MV RTP as VX Ace RTP. It is very clear that this game had very little effort put into it, and for that, I give it a 1/5.

(Note: I too am a very big fan of Echo607, and was very sad when she disappeared for 2 years. However, I’m a much, much lesser fan of low quality RM games, and because of that I gave this game a low score. Do not take this personally. Keep making games and keep improving. Never give up! This is actually pretty impressive for a first game, so keep on developing and never give up!)