Get ready for a battle and a dance, I'm wearing tights instead of pants.
Hello everyone. My name is KrimsonKatt and I'm a catgirl/boy/alien/whatever from VA USA. My gender is confusing and it's better we don't talk about it. Call me whatever, I don't mind. Gynosexual and proud. (look it up)

I'm the creator of the Chronicles series which so far includes Meteo Chronicles and Crypt Challenge DX/EX. Other games are planned such as the RPGs Ebony Chronicles, Genesis Chronicles, Gaiden Chronicles, Boltman/Titanium Chronicles, Jutara Chronicles, Generic Quest A Realm Reborn, Terra Sword, and Azure Adventure, the TRPGs Chronicles Tactics and Super Sonichu Tactics, the Action RPGs Firebrand Chronicles, Sakura Chronicles 1 and 2, Bioplasm, and The End of Chronicles, the platformer 33 Minutes, the fighting game Arena Chronicles, and the mobile gacha game Chronicles Unleashed.

I love video games and anime, with my favorite games being platformers, RPGs, and Metroidvanias. My favorite franchises are Xeno, Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem, Bravely/Octopath, Pokemon, Zelda, Castlevania, Final Fantasy, Kirby, and Mario. I don't watch much anime but I love the artstyle, and my favorite anime of the ones I've watched is Steins;Gate since I love science fiction and time travel stories. I watch a lot of YouTube but dislike movies and TV, but watch Pixar and marvel movies occasionally.

I love anime girls, my favorites being Pyra, (XB2) Nia, (XB2) Mona, (GI) Mayuri Shiiha, (S;G) Sumire "Katsumi" Yoshizawa, (P5) Mythra, (XB2) Ferris Argyle, (RZ) Futaba Sakura, (P5) Astolfo, (Fate) La Puchelle, (MGRP) Bernadetta, (FETH) Rosa, (PKMN) Callie and Marie, (Splatoon) Zelda, (BotW) Marie, (P4) Dorothea, (FETH) Corrin, (FEF) Yukiko Amagi, (P4) Starfire, (TT) Noel Vermillion, (BB) and Cleo Seratori. (H20MA)

Hope you enjoy my games. Long live the femboy.
Meteo Chronicles
A calamity from ages past returns...


05/22/2015 02:18 PM
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