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Seemingly normal JRPG turns into completely upside down situation, when a demonic overlord Dangadis refused to "meet his fate" by the hands of average teenage hero in the period of his resurrection after long-time sleep.
He have created and sent a dangerous demoness Cassandra Belman, who looks like a lovely shepherdess, after the hero. On her way she created herself a demonic familiar - strong but friendly sheep named Bob. Together they have to find and get rid of the sword wielding hero before he will reach his destiny.
The problem is the world has changed after all those years...

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Update 10.12.2016

Non-linear games are usually much tougher candies.
And working on every side-quest can be equal to a little game with it's own story.
Basically the game completed in 30% of it, and it's mostly side-quests, and everything can be wrapped in 4-5 hours of playing, without grinding.
I hope to make demo and translate it... I hope.

So next things are new, and were made during this year:
- Added potion craft, to make boost potions that can be consumed before battles
- Added constructed artifacts that helps you to learn optional spells during battles, as far as RM2003 DBS allows me
- Added more tutorial scenes, and a character that explains basics and everything else
- Added items that blows or poison enemies in battles
- Added item that automatically revives character in battle, but it only works if second character is alive
- Rebalanced everything based on attributes and skills
- Three new side-quests, one of them contains one of few temporary party members
- Added super-boss for 10-15 lvl with it's own mini-quest
- Added mini-quests that doesn't drops into inventory
- Relocated items in database for every consumable items to be on top
- Quests are items that can be activated to learn that player need to do
- Updated animations and revamped graphics-mapping for older locations
- I have 2 minigames with sheeps
- You can step on and squash flowers
- Much more active spots
- Much more secret locations
- More NPCs to add life
- Added quick-travelling option between towns
- I'm working on new facesets

Old animation

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  • 11/05/2017 03:50 PM
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I can not belive there are no comments on this game. The screenshots work great. You should update this.
The screenshots look very interesting, so do the tilesets. Hope that it's going to be good...
XD the story for this sounds hilarious. its got that "classic/hidden gem" feel to it.
sounds like fun to me demonic sheep named bob with giant bone Scythe a pinked haired demon girl trying to beat the hero that spells fun to me wen do i get to play the game
I know I'm not being at all original or clever when I say this, but DO WANT!

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