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Seeking play-testers!

  • PineBox
  • 11/21/2017 07:07 AM
Now that the first demo's done, I've actually already begun the process of fielding feedback from play-testers outside of RMN. The input has been valuable in all instances, and it's been fun to watch people play in particular.

What's even more enjoyable though, is implementing tweaks that enrich and improve the game, based on others' feedback. Comments like "I got stuck at x." and questions like "Why can't I do y?" are perfect opportunities to make the game better. And with RPG Maker, it's usually not that hard to make things work better.

But now, I think what I really need is the perspective of seasoned RPG Maker game players and makers; people who know how the deal goes, what can and can't be done.

I can offer reciprocity (i.e. you play-test my game, I'll play-test yours), your name or username in the credits of course, and a copy of the full game when it's done, as I'm aiming for commercial release. I could also do some illustration work for your game, if you like. Oh yeah, and I'm fluent in Japanese, so if that's of any use to you...

Anyway, if the above sounds alright to you, and 'Future Ghost' looks interesting enough based on what's here, the preview video and/or the current demo, please get in touch!


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Please note that the download link has been updated, as the demo is now up to version 0.54 (from 0.50). Thanks!
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