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Long ago Humans and Dragons made war upon each other. With their respective allies they created a lasting war that escalated until the very earth itself was on the precipice of destruction. On the eve of their demise the heroes and leaders of the many races came together and forged a tenuous peace. Their hope was it would last for all time and while disasters and actions strained it it held strong. But rumors are circulating. Rumors that humans have discovered a new power that could shift the balance of power and cause a resurgence in the old hates and fears.

Draco- A young, by human standards, Aerondan Hills Dragon. Has blue scales and white horns. Like most dragons who come from the Aerondan Hills clans he can breathe fire and lightning. Draco is a quiet dragon who seeks a quiet life, slowly amassing a hoard of his own to replace his bed once it gets big enough.

Balmung- A black dragon from the Corym Black Swamp. Has primarily black scales with red stripes. Black Swamp Dragons tend to have weak fire breath, but also posess poisonous gas and acidic spray breath. This more horrific style of natural weapon tends to drive other races to fear and hate black dragons more than most dragon species. His hoard and home are unknown.

Elder Wyrm- The eldest dragon in the Aerondan Hills Dragon clan village of Azuka. Elder's breath is weakening due to age, but his magic is the most powerful of all the northern dragon clans. Proudly displays his hoard, which includes a Helmet of Lost Voyagers, a Rod of Might, and a mystic statue or two. Elder is also a renowned story teller, historian, and mediator for disputes between villagers. He is also apparently quite the chef.

Fuuka Zam- A human ninja who frequently travels the continent in search of adventure and treasure. Comes from the far western town of Wejo. She is a childhood friend of Draco, but the mischief she got into while playing with Draco is a village secret. Or it could be that it was silly childhood stuff.

<Behind the Scenes of the Original Version
Made in two weeks for my brother's birthday using the Playstation 1 version of RPG Maker. We bought it from Gamestop many, many, many years ago and this was a bit of a nostalgia trip. This game is loosely based on what I can remember fromthe games me and my bro were making all those 18~ years ago. Making this was a trial in frustration, questioning the engines design decisions, and fervently save stating to not lose progress in case of a crash/etc. Unfortunately it hiccuped during a normal memory card save, so it can only be saved or loaded with save states. Ergo why the download is so small.

Latest Blog

Bloggy Blog #1

Hoo boy, first blog post for Dragon's of Doom.

Difficulties had- on a technical side not a whole lot. Mostly just manually converting databases and maps from ps1 rpg maker to MV. Yes, its as time consuming as you might think.

Unexpected Challenges- Surprise month-long flu is unexpected, right?

New things added; future equipment, drastically expanded spell list, more dynamic battles, more things to do.

Old things removed were mostly ps1 quirks or fiddly bits due to engine limitations.

The planning and putting everything together has taken quite a bit of time. Planning not as much as working up the mental energy to actually do it.

I'm almost done with the first chapter, which is the length of the game that was already made.

I should have it done up to the end of the first chapter. Unless of course another dreaded flu comes by...or I get super sidetracked with Visual Novel Maker. Buy it now! *gets piles of gold from a shady dragon*