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Progress Report


Hi there people of RMN! :D
What's up? >u<

So here's my first blog of "no eXit", which is also the fifth progress update for the event Revive the Dead 2: Deader or Alive.
So, let's just Start and talk about it:

Encountered difficulties:
So, since this game is an action rpg, I decided to use whether the action battle script of Moghunter XAS or the one of Khas SAS, which I personally like more. The problem is that SAS has a pixel movement integrated, which I really dislike and in this last days even hate. Why is the Pixel movement a problem though, will the majority of you ask. Well, it may sound stupid and not that big of a challenge, but for me it's really annoying, because it seems that because of it the passability which I already set in the database doesn't work as expected. I mean, the movement of the player is really strange and in my opinion it makes the game look a bit strange, or rather stupid if I want to be honest. Therefore I'm trying to settle this thing in a way or another, and since I'm not a pro scripter (actually I'm not even a rookie T^T, scripting drives me CRAZY!) it's taking me a LOT of my free time, which is not much, believe me. Yeah, so... Now I'm thinking that maybe I HAVE to take the script of Moghunter, although I find it a bit more complicated than SAS, but... If I'm not able to desactivate the Pixel movement, then I don't have a choice.

New things added/old removed:
Like I already said, this game has an action battling script, which the original game didn't have. The original one was more story-based, but since ALL of my games are like that, I wanted to try to add some gameplay too. And since I don't really like the classical turn-battles I decided to include some action ones, which for me are better and more entertaining. Besides the art which I use in this one is "pixelated" or rather a bit "retro", i think? Although the original one had normal tilesets, like the one of celianna.
Lastly, but not least, the story is also a bit changed. The original one is soooo complicated, and I realised that I had to change it a bit in order to be able to finish in time. Still, the main aspects remained the same.

Where I am now with the game:
I don't want to say that I'm nearly finished, but I'm really glad that I'm at a good point. I have all the maps already done, and apart from the problem with the pixel movement I think the development is proceding pretty well. >u<

Whether I think I'll finish/have a demo ready by the end:
I hope I will be finished by then... I REALLY hope so. I mean, the development is going more or less like expected, so... Yeah, I have high hopes that I will be able to post a COMPLETE game... Just for a change XD

So guys, I hope that my blog wasn't boring and that you're excited as much as me to see the complete version of "no eXit".
Stay tuneeeed! And subscriiiiiibe!! >u<

Until next time,
MagiK :)
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