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A Demo About Travelling with Monster Girls

This is a demo review.
This is a review for Beta version which is downloaded on Apr 22. My playtime: 11:20 (based on in game clock).

Perang Cemen Devil Boy Quest is a RPG turn based game about a boy who is travelling with several monster girls to save the world. The game also has a lot of mini games and additional features like music and screenshot gallery in it.

The game uses a lot of images in the game: there is one for the potrait dialogue, one for the one that's shown in menu and battle, some for cutscene, one for limit break, and some for mini games and skill (for the main character). However, i find that most of the pictures have different styles compared to the other one. I know that some images are still in placeholder, but i can't seem to make out which images are the fixed one since i can't seem to find any consistency in most of them.

Aside from that, the mappings are just so so. I like the dungeon design in Ipara Village since it's quite tricky and can make you lost if you don't pay attention, but there are also some lazily dungeon design like the one in Arya Desert where there are a lot of blank spaces and nothing much in it. There's also a dungeon that i hate the most, Kakao Desert, because the first two of the maps are just annoying (and super lazily done) with only one straight line and a few tricks in it- you can't even dodge the enemies and focus with the dungeon.

The cities are also very large. I hate Maduin City so much because it's so big and it takes around 1 minute just to reach library to read books. I even think that the cities have a better "dungeon design" than some of the dungeons because i tend to get lose in it.

The game has a lot of good music. I like the one in Tsugi and Mizu city the most.

Sometimes, the main character also says some short words based on the dialogue he said. I find it quite interesting. The voice is in Japanese though, which is kinda weird because it's an English game. The game doesn't even made in Japan.

The characters will also talk in battle. I like how they have a lot of different voices based on the skill that they use and the words that they say when the battle ends.

Before i say anything with the story, i must say that the grammar is terrible. I actually don't mind playing a game that doesn't have a perfect grammar, but the game's grammar is so terrible that it's giving me a headache just by reading the intro. I'm glad that i don't have that many headache by reading the dialogues as the game goes on though, which might be because there isn't that many difficult words in the dialogue. There are also some small part of the game that is still not translated to English though.

What are you talking about??

Aside from the grammar, the game's story is quite straightforward. There might be some additional quests and some new party members at the place you visited and sometimes you might get a hint about the main character's true nature and parents. There are times where you're given a choice to choose which action to take, but most (if not all) of them are leading to the same thing. Aside from the girls talking about perverted things and mocking the main character, the dialogue is just so so.

The game also has some image cutscenes in the story. It's quite good to see it although i think that some images look odd. However, my party member keeps on changing after a cutscene. I have to check them every single time just to make sure that i have the right party member with me.

Lastly, i played the Alpha version and i noticed that some skills are translated from English to Japanese in Beta. There's even a "TLNOTE" that translates what the skill name means in English, sometimes with "I'm not sure myself" note in it. I don't really get why the game has to use Japanese language as its skill name if not for the strange obsession with Japanese things that the dev has.

It reminds me of "Just According to Keikaku" joke.

The game
The game has a lot of party members that you can use. There will be up to to 9 party members that will join you and you'll have 8 party members by the end of the demo. However, you can only choose 3 for your main party and the new party member that will join you is usually not that much different (and low leveled) than your other party member. Plus, your non main party member won't get any exp after battle so unused party members will most likely won't be used anymore.

Speaking of party members, each party members can use different set of weapons and learn different skills. You can also learn more skills by reading books in the library in each city. However, there are a lot of books that you have to read and since the cities are very huge, it can take more than one minute to read them all. Just remember that you might have to do that for around 9 times whenever a new party member joins you.

Although you'll have a lot of party members, they aren't really strong compared to the main character except for one girl (Dauna). However, she'll leave the party after you reach a certain point of the game (Arya Desert) and although she said that she'll return in the next dungeon, she never did until the end of the demo. I'm not sure if this is a bug though. The most important thing is that she left the party with all of the equipment that she uses (including the accessories that can be used by everyone) so i have to spend more money to buy new items for my newly appointed main party member.

There isn't that many equipments in the game (you only need to switch like 3 times, i think). However, the equipments are very expensive that i have to grind a lot just to afford them for all of my party members. You'll also have a hard time to continue the next dungeon if you don't usethem so it's not like you can skip them.

The game also offers a way to invest money by buying gold and silver. I'm not really sure when the price will change though so i don't really play it. However, it might be a good source of revenue in early game.

The game has a random encounter. However, unlike normal random encounters, enemies will be displayed in a radar in the top right so you can avoid them if you don't feel like fighting them. Sadly, there's an annoying map (Kakao Desert) where you don't have any room to avoid the enemies so you'll have to fight a lot of them to reach your destination.

The enemies in this game is not that strong. You can kill them in 1-2 hits (depends on your party member). However, there are a lot of enemies in some dungeons (6-7) so you're bound to get hit anyway. You also can kill them with your spell but it'll be a waste since the skills in this game is very costly (it usually costs around 20-50 MP although you only have 200-ish MP) and there isn't any way to recover it except by using items or resting at the inn.

The game will also display the enemies' weakness right after the battle starts. It's great since you don't have to test all of your skills to find the right one for your enemy, but you might miss it if you don't look at it carefully since it goes quite fast.

But.. I don't have fire based skills!

Speaking of skills, you'll need to press some button based on what the screen shows when you use most of them and the skill won't be used if you fail to do so. There's still chance for your skills to miss even though you execute it perfectly though. The skills will also have a cooldown for a certain turns that can go down faster if you guard. There are also some skills that can be used for a certain amount of times in battle although there is no way to know it until you experience it yourself.

The skills also have a lot of symbols in the description. However, some skills have unusual symbols that are implemented for the game that might look confusing and the only way you can know what that means is by looking at the randomly generated loading image that shows up whenever you're changing areas.

Even though there isn't a way to recover your MP in dungeon, there are a body of water in some dungeon that can help you to restore your HP. However, it'll only restore a maximum of 50 HP so you have to press Z button a lot of times (or hold it) to fully restore your HP.

The boss fight is also not that difficult either, except for the last boss, that is. You'll only need to spam your strongest skills each time and sometimes wait for the cooldown to finish. However, the last boss is just very strong that it can kill the main character, the strongest guy in my party, in one turn. I have to invest in some revive items because there is no revive skill and healing items because the healing skills don't really restore a lot of HP compared to the boss' damage (it only has a maximum of 25% HP heal, i think).

The game also has a lot of in battle perks. There is a bar in the left area that will goes up when you hit enemies and will give some random bonuses (ATK up, DEF up, etc), there is a bar in the top right that will trigger a "Mode KZL" (i think it also needs to be translated to english), which i believe will boost party member's damage, and lastly, there is a bar below the "Mode KZL" bar that will trigger "Limit Break", an op skill for the certain party member that will give the enemy a lot of damage that can't be avoided.

You can start bonding with your girls by either giving them present or talking to them. However, collecting present is too grindy because you need to go to a paid dungeon which hardly give you any present (besides, you can't even give the present to the girls anyway) while talking to the girls will initiate a minigame that can only be beaten by luck.

The game also has a lot of mini games that you can play. There's a crafting mini game for crafting weapons, brewing mini games for brewing potions, and you can also trigger the "press the button in a certain order" mini game when you try to chop a tree or break a rock.

I didn't know that chopping a tree will take this much effort.

Lastly, i find that the game lags a bit when you open the skill page and when you navigate the world map.

- 8-9 party members
- Mini games
- Enemy radar in dungeons

- Maps are too big
- Terrible grammar
- Party member keeps on changing after cutscene

This game has a lot of features and potential. However, the city mapping and the grammar needs to be improved.

Final Rating: 3/5
To be honest, i find the game to be enjoyable. It's just that i can't stand with the grammar sometimes and i hate it when i have to waste my time just to reach a certain part of the town. Since some of the assets are still placeholder, i can't really say much about it but i hope that it'll look great later.


- When a party member learn a skill in Library, that party member will become the first party member.
- When you read book in Library with Lexar, Lexar will become the first party member even though he isn't.
- Hendro? shows up again in the same place with the same dialogue in Mountain Rock after you use Stone Breaker.

You can't accept the sub quest.

There's a collision error in Training Ground's (it should be Training Grounds btw) in Maduin. You can't go north or south from that tile.
- Dauna left the party after you finish the Desert and she said that she'll return when the party reach the Pyramid, but she never came.

Collision error in Dungeon Nana Farea.
- You can't give present to girls; It's greyed out when you try to give it to them.

- Some items and words are using a mix of Indonesian and English: Sketsa, Sertifikat, Rendah Potion, Sedeng Potion, Mantep Potion, Khayalan, Bom, Kendi, Cobek, Air, Air Murni, Air Suci.
- All of world map areas are still in Indonesian.
- After you finish the sub quest in Tsugi City's inn, the language is still in Indonesian.
- The book in the top right corner in the library in Tsugi City is still in Indonesian.
- Some skill names are still untranslated: Sleding Tekel, Nina Bobok, Tembak, Bacok, Imun.
- The Soldier in Madiun city, near the colosseum, below the guy with armors: "Many people buka lapak in this street." Also, it's Soldier, not Solider.
- The description of "Mp Cost Down" in Mizu library is half translated.
- The rooftop area in Mizukage Tower is still in Indonesian.
- In Maduin, when you talk to Endora Eleanor, there's an untranslated dialogue: "Ehem! Ehem! Ngeden! Ngeden! Ehem! Keselek Ngedem ehem!"
- If you read book third from the right in the upper row in the library in Maduin City with Otama, the language is still in Indonesian.
- The tree on the left of the mage shop in Ipara is half translated.
- The tree on the left of the potion shop in Ipara is not translated: "Siji tilu siji loro tilu!".
- When you fight Cecila Layla in Mount Kaleo, all the dialogues are in Indonesian.
- The name of the person in potion shop (not the seller) and several others in Dadakan Village is still in Indonesian.
- The third choice in Dadakan Village's inn is still in Indonesian.


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Yo aquatorrent, or whatever your name are...
Thanks for your review it's really kind of you to make it.

About graphics...
To be honest this is remake game, this game was once released in 2010 used RM2K3 engine(You may notice some characters looks similar to RM2K or RM2K3 like Cecila, Mai, Mira, Rose, etc.) but didn't get any attention because it made in Indonesian Language, the first artist is missing for whatever the reason and so there won't be fixed image tough I hope the first artist would come back but I dunno where is he... it's have been years anyway and some art is also missing along with him like Sphinx Monster Form, Inu Gaol and many more, (Story have been changed because of that like if Lexar answer Sphinx wrong she will turn into monster and trigger Boss Battle but the art is gone so that's scene deleted).

About map...
The map is tricky, you may think you have seen all but you're not like there secret caves in Arya Desert where you think it just blank space, tough you may need key item to reveal it, and there hidden map in Kakao Desert, you may just skip it too, and Maduin city isn't that big if you know Karin secret ability Dragon Jump that allow her to move the whole party to some spot in that city. (I'm sure she already tell you that in when the first time you meet her, the problem is can you find the Jump Spot? every city has at least one, expect Zukaru and Maduin, Maduin has three Jump spot to make you easier to move)

Note: Don't get fooled by maps that looks simple, usually they hide something behind it but usually people think they're doesn't important, tough there Ultimate Present hide there that can be used to unlock certain Girl Skill.

Character... There 11 Character 2 of them can be only seen in full.
Note every character will show their true color after 20 level or above, for now they just pretend that Lexar is the strongest, beside not only Dauna, there other two girl who have crazy power too.
soon I'll make a page about charcater.

About Mp recover there lot's skill can be used to recover Mp(Tough Karen already have it in early game and after her is Lexar, and then Rira) but it will be in late game since you may need to use Lot's Mp to fight, at early game you can just kill them with 1 or 2 hit's so why bother use Mp?
(Mira and Sphinx too but later since their magic will be pretty troublesome for enemies)

Just a hint...
When you got the choices... chose wisely, that's true some of it doesn't affect right after it, but it will affect in late game since it was counted.
EX:If you keep chose brave words such as I'm the strongest etc you may fight 5 Boss at a time while if you act not so brave you might fight 3 and if you act like coward you will fight only 1 boss in late of game, but it also affect your reward etc.

All Bosses in this Demo is pretty easy most of them just need to hit 'em until their Hp low and finish them with Limit Break but I dunno which the last boss you mean because the last boss of Demo is Sylph and she is so damn weak, why? because you just need to hit her once with physical attack, even Otama with her harp is more than enough to defeat her alone in 2 or 3 turn/J. Expect you have been fooled by Sylph and she make you think that she immune to your magic attack, she can avoid your physical attack, and attack you like a deadly machine with her "Shamshir" Create wave of wind to slice you and deal magic damage wind based, 5x hits, if that's true then she manage to fool you.
Don't forget not only maps even battle too is a tricky.

Bond with Girl, There Special Side Quest you need to gain special items for present but the problem is that shouldn't in Demo, why? because you may need to go to Zukaru first and done some Quest etc, anyway you can't Bond with girl for a while in a Demo. (This System is very dangerous because they will learn their Fusion Skill which has lot's effects, and Ultimate Skill similar to their Limit Break Skill if you give them special present you got from special quest that you get after their bond above 500/1000. that's why for now present are disabled, I mean you can kill boss in 2 turn with this and that will be boring right?)

Hendro? some of his event page are missing, seems translator accidentally delete it because there missing textbox and near that box there supposed to be self switch, anyway it will be fixed.

Cute Girl say Lot's Potion need to brew is a Side Quest that will be available after you defeat a certain boss in game.

collision error in Maduin, no it isn't collision error, but there missing file, anyway it will be fixed.

Dauna left the party after you finish the Desert and she said that she'll return when the party reach the Pyramid, Note that she come late after Sphinx join you, try search her at outside of Pyramid you may find her, She hide from you, y'know.

Collision error in Dungeon Nana Farea, That dungeon is still WIP(You even can see the wall that supposed to be blank) that time, no wonder it is has error or something like that, anyway will be fixed. To clear that dungeon rec.Lv 30 above, else the guardian will kick you out by force, that's why I didn't pay much attention at that dungeon that time since in the demo won't reach that level, or maybe there someone crazy enough to level up to 30 by defeat small fry may take damn long time.

All of world map areas are still in Indonesian, this part is scripting part, the bad part is the one who edit script is not translator.

This game first made in Indonesia and then some people from Japan join the party, the first translator is dead and now his sister are the one who take the his place, I even don't know he has sister and it's seems she isn't reliable too...
the reason it's look like Translated to Japanese from Alpha to Beta because I ask him and now her to translate the World Map and Stuff related to script but she make fatal error in database(When you change the text you have to change the chace name, define pos_x,pos_y, etc and she just change the name without change the other variable and so this happen), so the translated database in Alpha are gone, that's why it return to raw, because she couldn't translate it.

I even don't remember there '?' in library...

Don't forget I use Google Translate to write all of this.
The strange thing when I try to translate Japan words that she leave TL NOTE on skills I realize... she use Google Translate for words that she didn't know it's seems because they appear exactly just like in game.

Another Note: Not all word's in game was in Formal Indonesian, most of them are informal Indonesian, so no wonder she can't translate it, it require expert translator anyway...

The last word I hire another translator to take care her mistakes, and this may take a while to complete, why let her take the job? because I have paid, yet even she suck at some point she still can translate small stuff like simple dialogue text etc(anything that not very important), so the guy I just hire would just recheck and translate the thing that hasn't.

Anyway thank you for you review it's help us a lot in improving and it's very appreciated.

~Perang Cemen

Just opinion... Should all names to be translated? like Takoyaki are Squid Ball, セメディ are Semede/Semedi or Meditate in English, Mode KZL refer to Banzai Mode, wait what Banzai mean in English anyway... not all names and words can be translated to English, well I don't really care I'll leave it to those two, the next demo will be full translated, if there a words/names didn't translated that mean it is can't be translated, maybe they will leave note or something, when the next demo? after the full game translated and that may be a long time.

i know that it's a remade game; i read it somewhere. but still, if the artist is missing, you can either 1) get another one that can draw with the similar style as your old graphic or 2) get another one to remake all of them

i'm sure there's no way that people except the dev will know about the secret passage nor the secret tile if you don't mention it or make it obvious, unless if they found it by pure luck, of course.

i don't think i'm gonna grind all the way to level 20 since my party hasn't even reached level 20 by the end of the demo. besides, if what you said is true, it means that you need to balance it. there's no way people will use the other weaker character if there are 4 characters who are way stronger than them.

yes, karen has mp recovery skill in early game, but it's way too small. i need to use normal attack several times to cast the skill and the skill doesn't even recover the mp needed to cast the very basic skill that karen has.

the random encounters have a lot of enemies so it'll be faster to kill them with AoE skills. besides, sketsa mage in the desert deal a lot of damage so i might die if i forgot to heal my party member. the enemies in dark woods (or whatever it is; it's the forest in iparas village) sometimes also annoys me with their AoE skills.

i think you should put the hint in the game instead of doing it in this review. not everyone that play your game will read this review and i'm sure they'll need that if they play the full game.

yeah, i'm talking about sylph. i tried to attack it with both physical damaging skills (that hit multiple times) and normal attack and all of them missed. i also tried to attack it with magic skills (both that hit multiple times and not) and it deals 0 damage. i'm not sure what easy part that you're talking about. is it just my bad luck?

if the skills that you can get from girl bonding shouldn't be in the demo, i think it'll be better if you remove the girl bonding entirely from the demo.

i'm not sure if the "certain boss" in the game that you mention is available in the demo, but i reached the end of the demo and i still can't access the "Lot's Potion" (or whatever the name is) quest.

i just found Dauna based on what you said. i checked that place before i entered the dungeon and i didn't find her. it's annoying that she only available there after i entered the dungeon though.

again, if the dungeon is still WIP, i guess you shouldn't include it in the demo, especially if the girl bonding feature is mostly for end game.

i'm sorry for what happened to the old translator, but i don't think you should pay the sister if she can't do the job properly. you should have checked her work before you decided to pay her because i didn't even expect that there's a translator who were translating this game if you didn't mention it.

you should use version control so that won't happen in the future. you can get the skill names from the alpha version though, so i'm not sure why you didn't do that.

i'm not sure what language do you want to release this game in, but if you're going to release it in english, i think it'll better to switch those informal languages to formal languages that can be translated to english and always use words that can be translated to english in the future.

i don't think you need to translate words like takoyaki since most people know that already (but i don't mind if you translate it as squid balls either), but semede/semedi should be translated as meditate. as for Mode KZL, i think that it'll be better if you put it as Banzai Mode instead. if you really want to translate it to english, i think Rush Mode should be okay, if you're referring to the charge, that is.

lastly, these are just my thoughts and suggestions, so feel free to do whatever you want.
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