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Lots of fun!

  • webgrunt
  • 10/06/2019 12:39 AM
Where to begin. Ok, this game focuses on enjoyable game-play, rather than slick graphics. The graphics are crude, but for me that adds to the charm, quirkiness and humor of the game.

There's a very good balance between story, exploration, questing and battles. There are random enemy encounters, but they are few and far between enough that I never felt like I was grinding. Quests and puzzles were a little on the easy side, but there was enough challenge for them to be fun.

The story is interesting and original, and there's a good balance of drama and humor. There was lots of each.

I used a special program to speed up the game to 2.2 times its normal speed. I don't like having to hold down the dash key all the time and otherwise it felt frustratingly slow for me. Please note that I am admitting this for full transparency. I do NOT recommend using any software that modifies how a game runs as it may cause crashes, corrupted saves or other faults.

I got what was probably the worst of the three endings, because I apparently missed something. I thought I had finished all the side quests but apparently I hadn't.

Things that would have made the game better:
- Faster game operation, or at least auto-dash
- A better map with location names and an indicator of where you are on it
- An easy- or story-mode, some battles were difficult enough that it detracted from the fun
- Slightly more challenging puzzles
- A more satisfying ending than the one (of three possible endings and one hidden ending) that I got.

I struggled whether to rate this 4.5 or 5. To me, a game shouldn't be rated 5 unless it's perfect. This game is good but it isn't perfect. However I decided on rating it 5 because the enjoyment I got out of this game completely overwhelms the little things I think could be improved. It's getting harder for me to find games I like because I am really picky and tend to lose interest quickly if a game has too much of something or not enough of another. And finally, the developer was responsive and very helpful when I had comments or questions. So yes, this game is a solid 5 in my book. I am grateful to the developer and any assistants for the work they put into it. Thank you!


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Thanks a lot for the review! I'm very happy that you liked the game so much, as to give it 5 stars!

Yeah, I know constant need for dashing is a problem - believe me, I consider adding auto-dash practically every time I work on a new version. However, there are always a few pretty major reasons against including it, so the lack of auto-dash is kind of an unideal compromise. Well, I hope I can figure it out someday.
Thanks a lot for listing other issues too - I'll take them into consideration, when I'll start working on a new version.
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