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Fröhliche Schatzjagd ("Happy Treasure Hunt") is a roguelike game made with RPG Maker 2003.
The player takes control of Semi, an aspiring young treasure hunter planning to explore the Treasure Cave, a magical place filled with seemingly inexhaustible amounts of wealth and magic items.
The Treasure Cave is a treasure hunter's ultimate dream, but it's also the most dangerous huntsground they can choose. Not only is it guarded by armies of undead guards, there is also some ancient magic in place: Rooms and entire floors move and shift seemingly at will, confusing treasure hunters and making mapping the cave out impossible.
Not to mention the terrifying "Super Guardians" some treasure hunters claim to have encountered on their way down the cave - monsters that could never truly be destroyed, at best driven away temporarily!

Can Semi survive in such a hostile environment? The caves contents sure are worth the risk...!


- Move around freely with Pixel Movement!
- A complex Action Battle System with melee and ranged options, depending on your weapons and items!
- Over 250 unique weapons and items to find, half of which must first be unlocked!
- The Treasure Cave has 5 randomly generated floors, allowing for infinite replayability!
- Each floor has its own theme, gimmicks and boss!
- Accumulate money during your expeditions and spend it in the Golden Village, a sort of main base for treasure hunters, to enhance your next run or achieve permanent progress!

... and more!

Latest Blog

Version 0.2: New monsters, bosses and more!

It has been a while since the last update, but today I present you the new version of Fröhliche Schatzjagd with the motto "Everything tries to kill you more than ever!"

The modest lineup of 10 different monster types - which didn't change on later floors - is now expanded to a respectable 50, with every floor having its own unique roster!
Monsters on later floors are of course stronger, tankier and have meaner special abilities like inverting your controls or freezing you on hit. Basically, the monsters really want you dead now!

For example, these reapers are exclusive to the final floor and cover quite an area with their scythes.

Furthermore, every floor recieved a new boss dead set on preventing your progress!
These range from hired mercenaries over rival treasure hunters to actual demons and test your equipment as well as your skill.

Besides these additions, the new version also provides the following:

* Smoother movement
* A dozen new items
* 3 new unlockable classes
* General balancing changes to somewhat compensate for the stronger enemies (like more loot drops on later floors)
* Tons and tons of bugfixes
The game can actually be played without the 2003 RTP now!

The new version can now be downloaded. Old savefiles are of course compatible.

Have fun!
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