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The Duelist Master is a Yu-Gi-Oh fan serie I've been working on for 2 years. The French version came out on December 2017. The English version came out on January 2018.

The "game" is used to be watched like an anime. You won't interact a lot with it (cf. the Connaisseur Mode below). There are 24 episodes of 7 minutes each, so about 3 hours of watching.

Do you know the Battlecity season ? TDM's plot is similar to this. During 24 hours, contestants duel each other to get Medals. Some special events occur meanwhile (episodes 6 and 13) and may make you get other Medals. When you have 10 of them, the finals are open to you !

With the €25,000 prize money for the winner, each contestant has some projects to accomplish !

Main cast:
  • Brice Joltron is one of the main characters. A blond-haired geek who's participating to the Tournament just to test his dueling skills. If he wins the €25,000, he'll create a computer support company, after he gets his diploma.
  • Liam Cromwell is a shy high-schooler, Brice's best friend. The latter initiated hum to the monster duel. Liam wants to show to Brice he has improved a lot. The money from the tournament will make him prepare the future comfortably.
  • Yosuke Andersen is a young boy who can communicate with his cards. A lot inspired by the Yu-Gi-Oh anime character Jesse Anderson.
  • Shin Alinato is a cold-hearted boy whose dueling style reminds a lot Shay Obsidian from the Arc-V season.
  • There are other characters such as Ariana Speigel, Kruger Reinhart and others, but I don't want to spoil too much the series. There are roughly 15 other duelists, most only appear during one episode.

Connaisseur Mode:
By launching the series, you can decide if you want to activate or not the Connaisseur Mode. During some duels, you'll be asked a question about the trading card game. If you get it right, you'll be given one of the 9 digits of the archive folder's password. (Tip: try to get 20 out of 20 at the final quiz to get the full code)


After you've chosen to activate or not the Connaisseur Mode, you'll be asked to choose an episode. The French series had 3 demos and a full version, that's why you see circles with different colors.

The question for episode 7. You have to know a little Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V in order to answer correctly.

Episode 7's duel. Daisy is dueled by a cold-tempered Shin, who'll become more important as the tournament goes by.

Episode 17: Duel me to the Moon.
Duels are dynamic. Specific images are shown when the duelist performed a kind of summon (Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, Ritual, Pendulum).
A small HUD shows the stats of the monster. (The monster summoned is the Lady of Faith, level 3 normal monster with 1,100 ATK points)

The credits are included in the project.

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