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Progress Report


I gone did it. I made a trailer thingie.

Progress on this game has been wildly good. I am extremely close to being finished before the great playtesting wars of 2018. I'm guessing after all the playtesting it will be finished early November if not late October.

Progress bar:

As far as release date goes, I am currently undecided on it. I don't want to release it amongst the madness of the holidays UNLESS someone convinces me it'd help the release rather than hurt it.

If I decide to release this year, it'd be mid November. If not, it will be early January.

Thanks for reading! I hope you guys can play this thing soon.

Progress Report

Major Milestones and Overcoming Complications

It's been a while, April was kinda a hectic month for me! Development of this game has slowed down, but I've been working at finding the right pace again. I've stumbled onto some of the trickier parts of development for Cope Island, and I think I will talk about that a bit in this post.

First things first, progress!

The weird gold color is my progress for polishing after content is made, which is still something I deem important.

I have ventured into all new types of content not seen on the original Cope Island, as that has all been remade now. The way the game is structured makes making new content a bit tricky, especially the way I have been going about it.

The original Cope Island had three main areas and a small boss area. Those areas (vastly different now) are still in and is expanded. Yet after you finish the first run, you will unlock alternate paths of each area. So far I am calling the initial path "The Above" and the alternate path "The Below".

I did not want it to be one or the other, so I have been putting a lot of effort into making sense out of intertwining both paths so you can mix and match how you please. It's complicated because in this game you gain score based off how well you do battles and I don't want it to be a grind fest of taking out enemies on both paths. So if you take out one enemy on the Below, it will have a sibling enemy on the Above that also vanishes. Etc etc. The goal will still be getting the best score with a limited amount of enemies faced.

So the original game was 3 areas and a boss area. Now it has expanded to something much vaster while keeping the original lightning fast pace. So each run will be about 3 areas but can have vastly different results and different areas altogether. Mixed with the hub that records enemies you fought/weapons you found/areas you conquered/high scores, I aim for it be seamless to start a new run and play it a different way each time eventually uncovering all the game's areas/story.

I was hoping to have a trailer by now, but eh I want to do that right so I'll need some more time to nail everything. I've been working at this game much longer than I intended to, but so far it seems like it has all been worth it.

Progress Report

Progress 3/14/2018

I find that in game dev, it is best to let your creativity breathe a bit. I have been working at least an hour every day on this project and on most days off from my job I have been working 2 hours a day. The pace I am currently at is doing wonders for me and honestly feels like I can breathe in air again after being clogged for so long.

Content is being made most every day, yet I am not rushing and forcing stuff out unnecessarily. I feel I've hit a healthy balance. I'm not procrastinating and I'm not rushing to no end. I'm always moving forward but not at a break neck pace.

All in all, Cope Island progress is still going great.

Progress Report

Progress 2/28/2018

I think every Wednesday, as long as I make significant progress, I will post a mild (or detailed) progress report.

I have been hard at work on Cope Island: Adrift almost everyday and progress has been like an avalanche. I don't have much to say about the progress other than it's happening and happening good! I'm aiming to have a trailer before the RPG Maker birthday event ends, but I'll only do that if I deem it is ready.

Filled out a considerable amount since my last blog! If I keep this pace I'll finish the game in Spring, though once content is done the polishing will be a bit tricky.

The first half of the game is almost mapped out and that is by far the hardest and most time consuming part as it's very nature-y with more complex mapping than the rest of the game will have. (I may eat those words)

I already have a decent amount of screenshots I can show off (I'll keep doing those per Saturday for now) and a decent chunk of gameplay made. Hope to show off more soon!

Progress Report

Progress 2/17/2018

Cope Island is a game that has gone through many shades of development. I have improved vastly over the past few years and this is a game I really want to get right. I'm finally at that point of settling and progress has been skyrocketing.

Cope Island: Adrift is actually my third attempt at developing this game. It is also the version I deem definite. The IGMC version holds a dear place in my heart, yet I had to settle for stuff I'd rather not have left and right in that one. The concept started from almost nothing, yet as I went my vision grew. Cope Island: Adrift will by my vision realized.

In this blog I'm going to talk about where I actually am in development. With the help of a progress bar... (I know some folks have text to indicate milestones. I have that too, but I kept said text out of the public images because I'd rather keep this one a bit vague haha)

The bar is for the actual game content. Such as how much is done you can actually play. The progress may seem small, but this game needed a LOT of dev time for database and planning before I could even touch the main game. Even as little as last week I doubled the red in that bar. Development is in a stage where it's going fast.

What I Have Done Not Listed On Progress Bar:

The soundtrack is complete. 21 songs. Probably around 80 made over the years for this game but most will be unused. The soundtrack is something I worked VERY hard on and it's finally to a place that I am just happy with.

The vast majority of the tileset is done.
I do often have to add/fix stuff here and there, but it's pretty much done. Not much work there left to do besides polish stuff.

Hub That Records Weapons found/monsters defeated/trials completed. How to do the hub was the last piece of the puzzle I needed to get ready to complete this game finally. As this game is meant to be replayable with many different paths you can take, I think this hub added a lot to the overall experience.

Weapon data and various other mechanics are done as well. I won't go into too much detail about that stuff as it is boring.


Maps and Events This one is obvious, as my progress bar already indicated where I am on this.

Enemy sprites and battle data I have a lot more of those to do, but I'm doing that as I make the maps and events. I have a good amount of those complete, but still a lot of work to be done there.

Battlebacks Still need to make plenty of these!

Quick Save Mechanic I do have a nice script for quick saving as it is, but I haven't yet figured out how to be flexable with it as I'd rather not have to press f5 key or whatever for it even during events. I don't want any hard saving allowed within the main game to avoid save scumming, but I do want the player to be able to quit whenever they want without losing any progress.

To explain quick saving a bit more. You have three chances to lose battles before you are sent back to the hub and have to try again. That way you can lose while actually keeping progress. The game does have light rogue elements so I don't want things to be too easy in it. Just to make this extra clear, you can of course hard save in hub. However, returning to hub means you have to have a new run on Cope Island.

I definitely plan on keeping a stable workflow. I will post a new screenshot at least once a week and I hope to have a progress update like this around every one or two weeks depending on how much I get done. Hope ya enjoyed the read!
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