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The Shooty and the Catfish Progress Report: 06/29/2018 NOW IN COLOR

Oh my god I actually did it!

Apologies for this blog being so quiet for so long. I was away for several weeks (got engaged during that time, very exciting!) and then was hit with a surprise move which has left me with very limited interenet access for the time being.

Now, as for news. Well, as you can see from the image below (and the ones of dungeon exteriors further below, I will keep the dungeon insides under wraps, give people something to explore ha ha) I have finished mapping all of the games environments, in full color not less. This is a huge achievement and has taken longer than I ever expected. Some areas have been dropped (they will be used in another project) so that I can get this game released this year, but overall I am incredibly happy with how things have come together.

Some of you may be asking why the move to color, but in the end it mainly came down to reability. A lot of the games environments ended up looking very similar, I also had people not recognizing doors in play testing. Due to this the decision to make the game full color (or Gameboy Color HA HA HA…) was made. If there is a demand for it I might look into selling a monochrome version of the title at a lower cost when it launches, giving people the option between the authentic gameboy experience and the DX experience.

I also have decided that the game will NOT be encrypted, anybody who wants to tear the game apart and make there own adventures is more than welcome. Fan games are a big part of what makes the RPG Maker scene unique to me and its something I want to encourage with my projects whole heartedly.

So where too from here?

Well, next up as you can see in the above image is Dungeon Design, which in the case of this particular game means adding in locked doors and keys as well as any other puzzles. I dont image this will take longer than a couple of weeks depending on how work goes BUT now that I am back I will keep you all up to date and informed.

As of next week I will also start posting “Screenshot Saturday” images while trying to keep my main updates for the mid week.

Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you to all of those who have followed this project, it really means the world to me. If anyone has any asks please feel free to send them through!

Until next time, peace out everybody! <3


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Its great to see you're making good progress!! I'm liking the color changes too. I liked the old colors as well, but I think the new version will be more universally accepted. Anyway, keep up the awesome work. I'm really looking forward to this!
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