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Elf Diary REMASTERED now out! :D

  • Starmage
  • 11/30/2018 11:28 AM
Hello everyone! I am so pleased to announce that Elf's Diary Remastered is now released! :D I've always been thinking about what I can improve more on the game, as I felt quite unsatisfied with this little game's results on it's previous release. So during the weekends, whenever I'm free, I decided to spend 'em reworking a lot of stuff for this game. Thanks also to our very wonderful reviewers, I have updated the game and tried to change every issue I can. :) The remastered version involves new things like face-sets, battle sprites, music and etc. :) I'll detail it on the changes below! I hope everyone will enjoy Elf's Diary Remastered, and please don't hesitate to leave your feedback! ^_^ :) Enjoy! :D


- Game now runs in 640x480 resolution.

- The game now has "Options" as seen on the system command at the ingame menu.

- All new ingame music (No longer copyrighted stuff).

- Ingame doors now work differently and appropriately.

- New ingame icons!

- Free-action battle system now uses new action points icon.

- Fixed a few typos and tiling errors.

- New static sprite battlers for all playable characters.

- Implemented new face graphics for everyone.

- Removed the Narrator voice at the intro scenes.

- Slightly strengthened all player elemental spells.

- Slightly weakened all enemies at the first dungeon.

- Final boss difficulty has been slightly increased.

- Added a new scene for the ending.

- Game thread/page now has detailed descriptions for all of the important/significant characters in the game for your lore-viewing pleasures.

Thank you so much! Feedback are always welcome! :D