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Basic Information

In Aurora Magica, the protagonist, Varek, is an aspiring Relic Hunter, a crown sanctioned adventurer. A position that allows him free travel, good pay, and a little courtly sway. In return, he clears nests of monsters, helps to protect villages, and will occasionally perform courier duties. Usually, this is an enviable position within the Kingdom of Kode, but it's a job that just became a little more dangerous.

Recently, one of the demi-human countries, The Zidrian Empire, has taken a new aggressive approach to the problem of needing human males to maintain a sustainable population. Any human male outside of the defensible borders of Kode Kingdom is at risk of capture and enslavement. The other demi-human country is in worse shape, as the Zidrians will openly raid their towns and villages.

This conflict is continuously escalating, and soon the two beast nations will be in open war with one another. Varek's country has tried to remain neutral, and has maintained a peace treaty with the two beast nations. A faction within The Zidrian Empire is pushing to utilize ancient spells to defeat their enemies. These SMDs, Spells of Mass Destruction, are a global threat, and it doesn't take long for Varek and his band of misfits to be drawn into world events.

How will Varek fare as a royal adventurer in a world that has a target on his back?


Varek - Quiet but tough. Tends to be the straight-man for the pandemonium that he attracts.

Themis - Varek's older sister, who seems to have one mission in life, getting her brother married off.

Mahrope - Childhood friend who is a little aloof and distant, but punishes Varek a little TOO often.

Rosa - A young lady with an attachment to the hero, but is otherwise sensible. Usually.

Aestair - A one quarter elf, and second cousin to Varek. She's frisky, obnoxious, and country-fried.


From classic anime titles like All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, Girls Bravo, Infinite Stratos, or Everyday Life with Monster Girls - it’s hard to miss the anthropomorphic and harem story in anime, manga, or even general fantasy. In fact, these types of stories are within their own sub-genre; they’re usually light-hearted, fun, and filled with humor. The problem with the genre is the games; they’re mostly, well, a ta-ta-fest, smut, or a title that gets hidden under the bed. The video game take on the genre has more bounce than a truck-load of tennis balls.

This is where Aurora Magica is a little bit different. You can have a monster-girl-harem story, you can have a game, and you don’t have to send your room-mate away to have it. Innuendo? Sure. A little salty language? Fine, but only a little. More jiggle than a French night-club? Nope, that’s not going to happen here. In the world of Aurora Magica, it’s not about that; it’s about a world in which society suffers from the fallout of demi-humans being all female.

Latest Blog

Summer Update

Greetings Everyone,

IRL intervened a little bit, but production on Aurora Magica was simply interrupted, not full on halted. I’ve had to take a moment of a breather anyway, so I could reassess how I’m handling the story-telling. The reason for this is that several characters will have a story arc that is separate from the others, and a secondary plot line that is independent from the main story. This created a little bit of a quagmire to work through.

Due to this bit of mud I’ve written myself into, I needed to take a step back from the project to look at how to handle things going forward. I was going to have to do this anyway, and then real-life intervened. What does this mean? It means I’m having to start storyboarding the various plot points. Not that I didn’t have a plot to begin with, far from it. The extra stuff though, was a collection of scribbled notes at best. I have to correct this.

With all that said, I’m going to go over things with my alpha testers (yes, I have testers) to see how much of what is already there would be worth cleaning up for a second demo. The first demo gave very little in the way of world building, character development, or any other detail that would make a compelling story. I hope to post another update in the coming weeks to announce work on that second demo. Until then, happy gaming and making!

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Hi Failsauce,
Just a note after playing your demo: the game randomly crashes on Windows 7 platform, as already described for some other RPGM MV games developped on Windows 8. These crashes occur without warning when quiting a room or place such as Varek house or Hill Tower ruins east of Squatterville. There is no more problem on Windows 10, and presumably on Windows 8. May be thatb information will be useful for future players!
Anyway, I found that demo an appealling prelude and I'm looking forward your further developments: keep on the good work!
I actually didn't know about a bug with Windows 7. I think I have a computer around here with Win7 on it, so I'll see if I can't figure out what it is before any full scale release. Hopefully, it'll be something I can track down and take care of.

Thank you for the props, I'm working on it a little every week. I hope to put up a new blog entry up this weekend. I believe it was someone on RMN (or RMW) that said, "what's nice is that if you get stuck on part of your game, you can always draw a map, or other small thing that will help your game along."
This game page has a blue link that says "Aurora Magica" which appears where it shouldn't. For example, on the review page, it appears over the second review, the one written by pianotm. The link also blocks me from opening the second review with my mouse. I can still access it with my keyboard though. Even so, the link appears in every instance of this game page, including every single image.

Edit: I played the demo a bit. The premise sounds interesting, but it falls apart immediately.

The story mentions a peace treaty that allows volunteers to marry beast-girls. The problem is, people who give birth to females only would not rely on monogamy. To pull that off, they need to get a human male from the outside for every female that is to have a partner. Then when they get children, said children will be all female and the process of getting males for everyone who wants one has to be repeated.

Such a society would have to rely on having fewer males who each mate with multiple females. If they try peaceful means, then rather than looking for volunteers to marry them, they look for volunteers to just mate with them. Find single male farmers who don't own land of their own and have to work for others to get by. Offer them work as farmers in the beast kingdom instead where they will get a lot of sex and if necessary, slightly better payment than they get now. Do a similar thing with miners and what have you. The beat girls have no business making marriage the standard.

If they raid for males, it would also be less complicated with polygamy. Not only do they need less men, but they can also capture human women as well and have the humans breed a new generation of males (and females for the third generation as so on) instead of having to continue raiding forever.

Also, are beast girls vastly superior to humans when it comes to fighting? If they aren't, you get into a situation where the humans would have to vastly outnumber the beast girls else the raiding would end up cutting to deeply into the human population, yet if the humans do outnumber the beast girls, they would easily beat them in war.
Thank you for the feedback. I'll see about fixing that blue text this week sometime. I noticed it too, but just hadn't been able to get around to it (darn that real life, interrupting game time!)

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to clean up the game outside of the start area for the "Release Something" event. The starting area was confined to an island that is fairly deep in the human territory, and their country is the only one with a full standing army - somewhat shielded from the trouble in the rest of the world. In fact, most of the conflict is between the two "beast" nations.

Of course the game world here is going to be nonsensical, the lack of males isn't even a plausible problem. Given that the human country is the only group with a standing army, the beast-people would likely be wiped out given our own, very real, history. Polygamy will be seen, and in particular in the non-aggressive "beast" / "demi-human" nation. It is not, however, front-and-center to the story itself.

With all that said, I think using the slightly better payment and having some human females in the "bad guy's" area are solid ideas, and I would have no issues making some adjustments to make it seem less broken. Thanks for the feedback, you gave me something to think about going forward!
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