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"Every week it's the same... Professor Wordsworth brings us to the old library to write a different assignment..."

And yet, their life was about to change radically when a quarrel between two students triggered a strange hex that turned the old library into a living nightmare...

Explore your friends' subconscious dementia and play along with the rules of a twisted game to save those who truly matter to you.

You control Clarisse, the game's main protagonist, while she desperately tries to save her friends. Be careful of what answers you give to people and how you decide to act towards them, as it will directly impact the game and its ending.

Will you be courageous enough to face your true self?


- Light Horror Elements

- Grotesque Imagerie

- Original Characters

- Original Story Inspired by Re:Kinder and Persona

- Story, Exploration and Puzzle Driven Gameplay

- 8 Chapters and a Prologue (Currently a Prologue and 3 Chapters Done)

- 3 Different Endings (Game Still In Development)

- Choices that will impact the Endings

- Unique Dementia for Each Character

- More than 2 to 3 Hours of Gameplay (Currently)


CLARISSE, 18 years, Social Butterfly

"This is not a matter of who or what caused all this mess. The only thing that is important now is sticking together and finding a way to open this door!"

Clarisse is the protagonist of the story. She is an optimistic student who is trying to find a balance between her social life and grades. She is easy to talk to and always sees the bright side of life.

ALEX, 16 years , Good for nothing

"Everyone... They never do anything against it!! They just watch in silence! I...I hate them!!"

Alex is the youngest student in the class. Because of her young age, she is often targeted by the school's bullies. Aside from that, Alex is shy and easily scared.

IRIS, 19 years, Upbeat

"Good riddance. Stop rubbing your twisted standards into my face!"

Iris is the most cheerful student of the class. Her somewhat unique look isn't universally popular among her classmates, but even like that, she can easily befriend anyone. Iris doesn't really care about her grades and prefers hanging with her friends.

Nathanael, 18 years, Coward

"Everywhere I'm a freak: at school I'm a freak, in my father's eyes I'm a freak... I'm...tired of all this..."

Nathanael is a quiet student who believes that to live happily, one has to live hidden. He is always doing remarkably fine during the exams, consistently scoring in the top ten students of the academy. Despite being an excellent student, Nathanael cruelly lacks confidence.

SILLOE, 17 years, Parvenu

"This place is my trial, my reality. And as long as I'm aware of it... I won't let you hurt my friends!!"

Silloe is the student council president and also the heir of a wealthy family. His dedication and bias for order sometimes get him in trouble. Despite being a little materialistic and pretentious, Silloe does all he can to help to maintain the classroom's peace.

SORA, 19 years, Thorns Queen

"A Queen? Really? I'm nothing like a queen, in fact...I'm..."

Sora is the most popular girl in the entire class. Despite her renowned beauty, the conscientious way she keeps everyone away from her has earned her the nickname of "Thorns Queen".

ARY, 17 years, Mc Gyver

"Wow. Dude. That was...deep. I can't even see you anymore."

Ary is quite a natural at everything she performs. She always finishes her exams early and spends a great amount of time on her phone. Ary has the reputation of being a bit of a weirdo but her sense of humour prevents people from mocking her.

ASMODEE, 18 years, Ringleader

"If my persona shatters, then my whole world will fall apart!"

Asmodee is a transfer student who arrived during the year. Despite being new to the class, his charisma immediately granted him his classmates approval. Asmodee is a great showman as well as an excellent friend in times of need.

LIAM, 21 years, Troublemaker

"Damn you're all so serious! It's just for fun don't you get it? Come on let's have some fun for once!"

Liam is undoubtedly the class's troublemaker. Despite skipping classes and failing most of his exams, he is still very popular among women and some men admire him for his nonchalance. He is well known for taking part in bullying.

Learn more about the game on the official website,
along with various info on the game's development!

Stay tuned for more updates on InSaNitY's website or facebook page!

Chester / Tampoco

Latest Blog

A Few Words on the Download

InSaNitY's demo is out!

You can now play up to Chapter 3: The Hermit, Tale from Behind the Screen. Keep in mind that the game is still in development, and that some assets are still missing (like images or videos to announce the chapters in game).

Do not hesitate to give feedback on the game or report the bugs you might find during your playthrough! The game is currently supposed to function without RTP resources.

Please read the READ ME file before playing!

Stay tuned for more info and thank you for playing my game!

Chester / Tampoco
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  • 03/09/2018 06:09 PM
  • 03/13/2018 01:20 AM
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Seems interesting. I like the characters.
Seems interesting. I like the characters.
Thank you so much! However, I think you should download the new version of the game if you want to pay it because the old one was very poorly encoded! >_<" So you might save some space and spare yourself a few bugs if you take the new version. But thanks for playing it anyway! :)
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