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Chapter 4 is out!

Hello players!

Chapter 4 is finally out along with chapter 5's trailer!
Allow me to give you some info on what it contains and how to update your game.


Chapter 4 contains:

- More story

- A new Dementia to explore

- New music tracks that got rid of the copyrighted ones. (The game should now be copyright free, except for that silly easter egg that no one will find...)

- Tarot cards and intro for each chapter


Download the InSaNitY-Demo (Prologue / Up to Chapter 4).zip from the download page.

Once it is done, extract the zip file wherever you want. Once you've extracted the game, copy your save files (from the old version) in the same folder and that's it! You're good to play!

Once you launch the game and make sure that everything works, you can delete your old game file.

I intend the game to be playable without the RTP assets, so if you encounter a problem or a missing file, please report it as soon as possible.

I hope you'll like the new chapter!

Stay tuned for more info!



A Few Words on the Download

InSaNitY's demo is out!

You can now play up to Chapter 4: The Empress, Tale of the Queen of Roses. Keep in mind that the game is still in development, and that some assets are still missing.

Do not hesitate to give feedback on the game or report the bugs you might find during your playthrough! The game is currently supposed to function without RTP resources.

Please read the READ ME file before playing! (Even if there is now four dementia and not three...)

Stay tuned for more info and thank you for playing my game!

Chester / Tampoco
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