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The planet is a living thing. It possesses a life force. It has blood. It has flesh. It has cycles. It has periods of great activity and periods of dormancy. The creatures that live upon her are subject to her whims and needs. The planet has fallen dormant. For thousands of years, she has been cold and likely will be for thousands more. This is the coldest she has ever been in 200 million years. To survive, humanity has taken extreme measures.

Tales are told of how in ancient times, vast populations were killed off so that the best of society could survive on the scant few resources the planet was able to offer. Civilization at large lives in enclosed cities; self-contained enclaves where food--and people--are grown under closely controlled conditions. Various organizations dedicated to the continued survival of humanity exist in this day. One of them, an organization that is known to outsiders only as the Order, trains women for deep mental discipline. It began simply as a priesthood, a cult, but grew to be a major force in civilization charged with maintaining order and the population.

Outside of civilization, there are tribes living on their own, thriving on the ice. Ember, a young woman in the Order, has been banished. Two loyal friends accompany her into the frozen wastes, to find one of these tribes, a tribe that Ember believes she was taken from as a child, but on a planet whose surface is dead, new creatures of metal try to prevent their progress.

-Celianna tiles-
-Mack sprites made with Game Character Hub and custom sprites made to match Mack
-Powered by Yanfly Ace and Yami's Battle Symphony

Latest Blog

Frozen Ember Improved!

Well, Frozen Ember was a minor success on Liberty's first Seasons of RMN stream, but of course, as with any rushed game, there were bugs. A new version has been uploaded that fixes the bugs that Liberty found.

A ramp was accidentally left unpassable.
Several typos.
The V button on the keyboard is now the jump button, making it a comfortable distance from the left shift key.
Agility and Luck stats have been improved to try and get rid of that ridiculous miss chance.
I increased the size of one of the jump ledges, though I consider this purely aesthetic.

I don't expect to do more work to the game unless more bugs are found. In which case, yes, I'll fix them. I'm actually quite surprised it had as few bugs as it did given it was only made in three weeks. There was only one game breaking bug, and it was easily manageable by the player.

Arcmagik, Gourd, and I are thankful for any feedback you might provide! I hope you enjoy the game!


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Did you ever fix the game breaking bug I found in part one of my Let's Play for this game?
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Did you ever fix the game breaking bug I found in part one of my Let's Play for this game?

Oh, I was going to watch your let's plays, was really busy and decided to save it for later, and then forgot! Let me take a look at that.
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