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>>>(Download is currently down for update.)<<<


Long ago, a race of cybernetic creatures unleashed a virus that destroyed all planetary life in the galaxy. The survivors adapted to live on ships and space stations. Rumor has it that there is one planet left, a lush paradise immune to the virus. The coordinates are said to be on an old data disc somewhere in what is now cybernetic space. You will write your own story as you become a product of your environment. Will you sink to a life of crime? Will you rise to fame? Or will you save Humanity and track down the lost coordinates. This is all assuming you stay alive, of course.


Stellar Punk is a dark and whimsical fantasy-cyberpunk RPG designed to pay homage to many games and movies of old. It aims to be a short and simple storyline where the true immersion is found in the setting.

The mobile concept has been put aside for now. I was having to cut out way too much stuff I wanted to do just to make RPG Maker MV run on Android without being all choppy or a causing a UI nightmare. After testing the Alpha 1 on various devices I decided to focus only on the PC version for now. When I get better at programming later on down the road I'll come back and take another crack at a mobile version.



This is a roughly 2 minute video I slapped together as a rough draft for what I may want to do for a trailer at launch. A chunk of the end portion is the current credits. A lot of character/item names and images may be acting as placeholders and are subject to change by project completion.


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