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-- UPDATE 2/18/2019 --
- Fixed a few more bugs.
- Added Markets to all space stations.
- Added humanitarian mission to Authority hail.
- RPG Mode has been changed to Storyline Game. The Storyline Game option has been added to the new game intro. It is NOT complete, however. As of this update, the Storyline Game mode will simply give you more game altering options at character select and it will also unlock Station U-25. At game start you will be somewhat stranded at U-25 until you pay a sizeable Debt. After that, it is the same as a Normal Game mode. I am taking a hiatus from Stellar Punk to work on Durance of Magic while (hopefully) Stellar Punk accrues beta test feedback.

I want to thank everyone who has played so far and also those who have provided feedback. What I am hearing most so far is that a better "tutorial" is needed. Whether through a physical tutorial or gradual introduction to game mechanics. I grew up in a time when our favorite games came with a paper manual and you either read that or dove in and figured things out as you went along. I'm still trying to figure out a way to explain everything without making it tedious. So far, that has manifested itself within the Storyline Game mode's cadence of play. Any and all suggestions are welcome. For now, let me just say that I have designed this game with old school RPG parameters in mind. If it looks like something you could do, check out, or examine, you probably can. The player will actually get a more complete immersion through poking around, especially in regards to setting and storyline.

-- UPDATE 2/7/2019 --
Fixed several bugs that would get player stuck in a loop. Added in 1 premade Captain at choose captain scene. (A reminder that saved games should be preserved through updates.)

-- UPDATE 2/5/2019 --
There was in issue with the Enigma Virtual Box not allowing games to be saved. The problem has been resolved and the download has been updated. From this point on, all save games will be preserved between updates.

-- UPDATE 2/5/2019 --
The Normal Mode Beta test is fully functional, though rough around the edges. The Character Creator is rather bare bones at the moment. The color sliders (like for hair and eyes) do not work properly in game so I need to manually make new graphics pieces. I still want to add NPC captains with diplomacy mechanics. There is very rudimentary prototype NPC captain that will either mess with you or help you depending on your diplomacy status. In a later update I intend to show more love to level design. There will also be multiple ship types, some bigger than the current ship and with more rooms. The Normal Mode is the framework that the RPG Mode is being built in. Any feed back is always appreciated. Good luck and have fun!


It's only been a few years since the Cybernetics unleashed a virus that destroyed all planetary life in the galaxy. The survivors have adapted to live as Offworlders on the few ships and space stations left from the war. Rumor has it that there is one planet left, a lush paradise immune to the virus. The coordinates are said to be on an old data disc somewhere in what is now Cybernetic space. You will write your own story as you become a product of your environment. Will you sink to a life of crime? Will you rise to fame? Or will you save Humanity and track down the coordinates of the lost planet?


Update 1/25/2019

There will be 3 game modes available on release:

RPG Mode
Timed Trial

The current download (only available through RMN) is the Open Beta for Stellar Punk Normal Mode. Both Normal Mode and Timed Trial will be available on official release. The completed project, including RPG Mode, will later be available as a $0.99 commercial game. (Looking at Steam, GoG, etc.)

Currently a dedicated PC release but may trim down a separate mobile version depending on feedback.


The object of the game is to stay alive long enough to decide the fate of humanity's remains. Build up enough fame to join the Authority, earn enough infamy to run the Underworld Alliance, or recover the technology to reach Cybernetic Space and take the offensive.

Throughout your captaincy you will need to maintain your money (Credits), your Crew count, your ship's rooms, and your HP. Crew will need Food to survive or they will starve to death. You also need to pay them with Credits or they will desert you. Though you start with some Food, you will need to replenish your stores either by trading with colonies or building Greenhouse rooms onboard your ship. You will also need to buy ship upgrades and pay your Crew. Earn credits by trading with colonies, robbing transports, or running missions for the Authority. Space is a dangerous place and there are many ways to meet a bad end. Avoid black holes and shooting pulsars. Build a Sick Bay room to guard against space plague. Watch out for space pirates (or Authority vessels if you are Wanted and/or carrying Contraband) and be wary of boarding ghost ships.

The game world is rather reactive to the player's behavior. At the start of a new game, the galaxy will be in relative balance. The Authority and the Underworld Alliance will both start to quickly gain influence. That influence will also be modified by what the player does. For example, every ship the Authority loses makes them slightly weaker and the Underworld Alliance slightly stronger, and visa versa. There is a set number of space stations spread throughout the galaxy and they will change between High Security and Low Security depending on the balance of influence. It is possible to find oneself in a galaxy fully controlled by one side or the other. This can be either a good or a bad thing, depending. A player who goes around raiding colonies and shooting down transports will find themselves Wanted rather quickly. Wanted players can not dock at High Security stations and they will be pursued by any nearby Authority ships.

Latest Blog

Stellar Punk Revamp

I have taken down the Stellar Punk Beta download for a much needed revamp.

I really like the setting and a lot of the mechanics. Intending to gut the project and cannibalize what's there for something better.

Thanks goes out to anyone who suffered through the clunky beta. o7
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whats differnce of mods?????? wil theres romance in rgp mode??????
whats differnce of mods?????? wil theres romance in rgp mode??????

The Normal and Timed Trial modes are the same except that Timed Trial must be completed in 1 hour or less.

The RPG Mode will have a linear storyline with more people and places. In RPG Mode there are stronger social consequences for player behavior.
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