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So this was a really fun project to work on but I got so into it previously that I lost direction pretty hard along the way. I saw a game jam coming up that has to do with reviving old projects, so developement is back on with some major tweaks and changes.


The first draft was a top-down action RPG set in a dystopian future where magic and technology had become indistinguishable. The player would interact with the environment until they met the win conditions for either an economic, political, or combat victory. It was relatively straight forward but borderline sandbox in how it just dropped you off without direction. The first draft was also rife with bugs and performance issues.

Stellar Punk has always been heavily influenced by 4X and adventure RPG games like Master of Orion, Pirates!, and Oregon Trail. By the end of the first draft, I had pulled too far away from my original intent. For this update, though, I'm bringing it back to my original vision.


Stellar Punk has 2 major parts; Space Gameplay and Land Gameplay. The game jam demo will have just the Space Gameplay part, with only some Land Gameplay features where necessary.

- Turn based movement inspired by Roguelike and 4X games
- Tactical Battle System
- Upgrade/Maintain your ship and build rooms (Armory, Research Lab, etc)
- Manage Crew, Food, and Fuel resources
- Crew/Officer system (Crew resource, Officer party members)
- Limited trading/raiding system (trade with colonies, raid transports)


- Diplomacy System (Make deals/treaties or fight with NPC Captains)
- Trade System (Shipping runs, Set up trade routes, real-time market)
- Exploration System (Scan anomalies, study monsters, find artifacts)
- Land Gameplay System (space stations, abandoned colonies, derelict ships)


When traveling through space, player movement is turn based. Each turn consists of two phases; Player Turn and World Turn.

World Turn
- Random events execute
- Turn based progress executes (research/crafting time)
- NPCs move and interact

Player Turn
- Player gets 3 or more move points, depending on ship and tech.
- During player phase, player can act freely but the turn ends once the move points are used up. Each tile costs 1 move point.
- Player can move, scan, hail, or switch to inside ship view during phase.


When traveling on land, as your player character, there are two zone types; safe zones and mission zones. Safe zones are real time, just like any old JRPG. The player interacts with shops, property, and NPCs normally. Once in a mission zone, though, the movement will become either turn based or roguelike.

- Coming soon.
- Will not be in game jam demo.

Latest Blog

New Demo Coming Soon!

This project has undergone some pretty big changes that, I hope, make the game a whole lot better.

The demo will be a full beta from start to finish with just shorter levels and less items. During the testing and feedback process I will be fleshing out more content and interactions.

Stellar Punk is set in a dystopian future full of death and decay. On top of managing health and resources, the player will need to manage their character's anxiety. If a character's anxiety gets too high, they will succumb to depression and shut down. The character may refuse to go into combat zones, to work or craft, or to even leave their room. Anxiety grows slowly over time and various interactions with the game world can spike anxiety, reduce anxiety, or alter the rate of anxiety growth.

There are different ways to beat the game. There are currently four victories; a Fame win, an Infamy win, an Economic win, and a Storyline win. The player can achieve any win in different ways. It is possible to beat the game without ever firing a shot.

The game mods have also been changed. They will now deal with difficulty settings rather than playstyle settings.

Beginner - No permadeath, can save
Normal - There is permadeath but you can save
Expert - Permadeath, no saving

Just remember, Stellar Punk is a dark game in a dark world. Death can come suddenly and from unexpected places. The player can get sick and die or be lured into a dark room and never seen again.

I'm hoping to have the download and browser versions ready by the end of the month. This game will not be playable on mobile devices due to key and click inputs for skills like shooting, dashing, or hacking terminals.

I will post the new screenshots when I get home.

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whats differnce of mods?????? wil theres romance in rgp mode??????
whats differnce of mods?????? wil theres romance in rgp mode??????

The Normal and Timed Trial modes are the same except that Timed Trial must be completed in 1 hour or less.

The RPG Mode will have a linear storyline with more people and places. In RPG Mode there are stronger social consequences for player behavior.
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