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PSYCHE Locke 2nd Anniversary / Cover art!

- PSYCHE Locke 2nd Anniversary / Cover art! -

PSYCHE Locke is now two years old! Already. *glom*
W-well let's not think about time passing by way too fast.

As a form of celebration I drew a Cover Art for the game, same thing I also did for Karma Flow 2 - Tears of a Ghost. Here it is!

Give this game a go if you feel like it!
And remember to leave your impressions in here as well!

Thank you in advance! ^^

- Pat


Korean version available!

Hi, everyone!

Great news!

Thanks to the effort of the amazing TohoTaku, PSYCHE Locke is now available in Korean!

(I should probably start thinking about translating it in Italian too, for my brothers.)

I'm really happy to see people interested in translating the game and showing it around other communities, it is an awesome feeling. :)
Hopefully it will be appreciated.

You can grab the Korean version here, from TohoTaku's site:

Thank you!

- Pat


PSYCHE Locke vs The World! | Misao Awards 2018

Hi, everyone!

Enjoying 2019 so far? Have you bein' partying like there's no tomorrow?

Voting for last year's Misao started and PSYCHE Locke managed to find his way into 6 categories!

Excellence in Narrative
"Eye Candy" Award
The "How the Hell Did They Do That?" Award
Trippiest Game
The Kentona Award
Game of the Year

If you think PSYCHE Locke deserves any of these awards, please do cast your vote here:

It would mean the world to me^^

It's always good to receive even a small form of accomplishment. PSYCHE Locke was made in one month for the Theme Roulette Event but, despite the short time that I had, I tried my best in order to deliver a fun, deep and polished experience.

I'm glad, very, very glad the game got noticed and people gave their support. I never thought it could reach this level of attention. Actually, I never thought it could gain any sort of attention at all.

Not because I think the game doesn't deserve it but... because I'm a nobody in a big community with tons, TONS of extremely good games.

I'm not good with expressing my gratitude in Italian, let alone in English. All I wanted to say is, thank you thank you and again thank you for your support!

2019 will bring more ORUDOPATTO's games. I'll try my best to always release quality stuff and I will never stop improving!


See ya!

- Pat


100+ Downloads! Thank you!

(Full image here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/KNndX )

Hi, everyone!

PSYCHE Locke has now reached 100+ downloads!

I want to thank you all for playing my game. Lots of you played it and gave me your thoughts about it. That made me really, really happy. I hope I will receive more of your feedback in order to improve further, so that I will be able to make even better games that you'll enjoy.

Thank you again, very much^^

See you!
- Pat


Version 1.0.2 Released / Bug Fixes

Version 1.0.2 of PSYCHE Locke has been released.

The new version brings some bug fixes.
Here's the full changelog:

  • Fixed an issue with some of the game's windows
  • Fixed an issue where the names of dead NPCs were still visible while in Psyche Lock mode
  • Fixed an issue where some characters' portraits and visual effects were not visible in the final scene

  • Fixed some issues with tile passability.
  • Possessed characters will now face their former direction when de-possession occurs.

  • Fixed a game-breaking bug in the final battle, where you could've potentially set off a Game Over and a Save at the same time, making it
    impossible to finish the game!
    (A special thanks goes to richter_h for finding the issue and testing the game after the fix!)

  • PSYCHE Locke released

Thank you for your time and your patience.
Have fun!

- Pat


Game Released / Launch Trailer

Hey, everyone!

Finally, PSYCHE Locke has been released! Aw, yeah!
The game was initially planned to be released for the Theme Roulette event held by the community, but I couldn't finish it in time.

Still, I completed it and released it later on. It's always a good thing, a satisfying feeling, when you manage to complete a game, whether is a short one or a lenghty one.

What is PSYCHE Locke? It's a 2D Puzzle/Adventure game with some simple Stealth Elements and a dark and cyberpunk-y setting. The game is about possessing other people and using their abilities to progress through the game.

It's an experimental and very short game, where I wanted to test new gameplay stuff, new scripts and also a new way to tell a story. I always try to make intricate plots, this time I wanted to make a simple one that conveys a certain meaning. I hope it will be understandable. Most of the gameplay functions I used in this game will be somehow carried over to Karma Flow 2 (actually, some of those I used in here come from that game).

But above all, I hope you'll have fun playin' it.
I had fun making it^^

I'll leave you with the game's Launch Trailer.

See you and happy game making!
- Pat
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