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The lives of the people are in constant danger as they fight an ongoing war with the monsters that roam the land. Dark energies stirs from the plain of beasts known as Howling plains. Everyday the monsters grow more ferocious.

Eight traveling heroes gather at a local tavern in a town named Beacon. Each hero is of a different aspiration. Eight different heroes and one common goal. To have their name etched in history forever... Which one of these heroes will be the one who will lead the people to peace and end this war?

That question lies upon you...

- 8 different classes to choose from. Each class has 4 abilities that they can learn.

- Additional skills are learned by many different equips. Mix and match multiple equipments for your preferred style of play

- Recruit many different units to help you progress through the story. Each unit has a different use. Pick and choose who you want to bring along to each new challenge.

- Yanfly's sideview battler script

- Take on one of the many side quests to earn rewards that will help you along the way.

- Some NPCs may offer new dialogue or even side quests as the game progresses.

I hope you all enjoy your time playing Heroes Stories!
I took inspiration from one of my favorite custom game map from warcraft 3 tft. many people might know this game as Gaia's Retaliation.

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Bugs and more Bugs

All reported bugs has been fixed thanks to everyone who messaged me about them!
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