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One last "weekly" update.

Well, this is it. (Maybe)?

I've finished my final test run, and KyleLascar has sent me the last of the bugs he found during his playthrough. It's nothing too serious this time - mainly typos and a few inventory errors during the ending and post-game. They're all addressed in the latest patch. (As usual, it's found in my Locker. Y'all are pros at this by now). :P

I'd like to say that BoxxyQuest is now mostly glitch-free, but I've thought that before, and I wasn't correct then either. I'm always available by email if you find something new, or if you just feel like sharing your thoughts.

Until then, have fun!


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Thanks as usual for your hard work. If I had known this game is so much fun, I would have documented typos and even the most irrelevant obstruction mapping errors from the beginning. Nevertheless, I have to admit that playing the game already took up most of my limited mental resources. :D
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