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Three friends are having a relaxed evening one weekend, talking about drawing themselves as fantasy characters and ordering food for dinner. At that night, during their slumber, all three of them get mysteriously teleported to a different world, transformed into the very characters they made earlier that day. They find a house, seemingly abandoned and as they explore more of the world around them, they realize that they might be all alone in this abandonded and forgotten world.

They now have to use their newfound abilities to figure out if there is a way back home or if they are trapped in Lunasia forever.

This game was made for the Swap in the Middle event. The first half was made by JosephSeraph and I finished the second half. It was an interesting journey, having to focus on a more puzzle heavy game for once.

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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
shit boiiii hype

That's an exciting description.
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