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Travel, explore, and destroy time itself!

Just in Time follows the escapades of Seth, Heir of Time and survivor of many other horrible experiences, and Justin Time, another time traveler completely oblivious to how time travel works.

Seth’s objective begins with attempting to destroy the malicious voidco dungeons, but this quickly changes to simply staying alive and protecting time and humanity from being destroyed after Justin Time, the Prince of Time, appears and unintentionally raises Hell by messing with time travel.
Through the many problems Justin causes due to his ignorance, time will be scrambled, bodies will pile up, and an Outer God will get the chance to reign terror on the world.
Fight with developing skills, weapons, and tools to undo all the issues caused!

This game was created by LavenderSiren for the first half, with Deaflopist taking over for the second as part of the Swap in the Middle with you two event.

With the recent update, done by lavendersiren, this game is now properly apart of SBARG canon. Deflopist's original version is still available in the downloads section.

(this part below applies to the event version)
The game is a non-cannon extension of Sethstuck, but due to my (Deaflopist) limited knowledge of all of the lore, don’t expect it to be too incredibly lore-friendly! With the game, the main story was prioritized first and connecting Sethstuck to everything was second, in my attempts to make everything as seamless as possible. This is an independent story, after all, so I went crazy with it.

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