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1.7.0 Update, Best Graphics Award and Stats!

  • manpaint
  • 11/14/2020 03:42 PM

Last week, the game won a prize in the category "Best graphics" at the Alex d'or 2020, a French RPG Maker contest. The game was also nominated in the following categories:
-Story and setting
-Narration and story execution
-Best Sounds
-Best game


The new updates correct a few typos that have been brought to my attention in the French version of the game. No additional content was added.


As some may have noticed, the game sends anonymous data about the choice you make during your playthrough. Since it has been one year since the initial release, I though that it would be best to share those stats.

Those stats spoil the story, be sure to come back when you have finished the game if you haven't done so already.

54% of players play in English.
47% of players play in French.
221 downloads on all platforms (as the writing of this).

39% chose the book "Black Ritual".
71% refused to give the Codex.
62% don't trust Lucien.

79% turned on the lights on their Neutralizers.
66% attempted to save Rosia.

66% think that killing is wrong.

62% forgave Bill Rwright.
77% asked about Rosia.

25% said "You are a failure".
16% said "I love you".
13% attempted to throw a rock.
11% said "Lucien will be mad!".
11% said "You're crazy!".
10% said "You are a tool!"

61% chose to not destroy Simultra.