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Goblin Grotto brings an expansion to Grimps: A Christmas Puzzle.

So I picked up Grimps again and started building some levels only to discover that it's pretty enjoyable to do. One thing led to another and I was suddenly working on a Halloween themed expansion. It features eight new level that starts after the original five from Christmas Puzzle. So put on your devil horns, make yourself a cup of hot blood, and enjoy Grimps: Squeaking of the Dead.

Once there was a bustling metropolis located in a beautiful snowy valley. It’s building were made of the purest ice that would spark and glimmer in the arctic sun. On one misty night the earth shook and terrified squeaks echoed throughout the valley; very next morning the frosty city was no more.
Travelers who journeyed close to the valley say that during the nights they can hear distant and forlorn squeaks from where the city once was.
Some penguins mustered enough strength to enter the valley despite the horrible tales.

Of all those who entered, none has ever returned.

  • 160% More levels!
  • New Obstacles & Creatures
  • Reimagined boss fight
  • 4 Additional Bonus Levels!
  • Swappable borders to fit your style
  • Continue where you left off with the new Password Load System™
  • 45 - 60 min Gameplay


Squeaking of the Dead Complete
Comes with both A Christmas Puzzle and Squeaking of the Dead. The best pick if you don't have A Christmas Puzzle already installed.

Squeaking of the Dead Upgrade
If you have A Christmas Puzzle v1.1 installed you can download this installer to upgrade it to the Squeaking of the Dead expansion. Run the installer and locate the folder for A Christmas Puzzle (by default called Grimps) and start the installation.

Latest Blog

V 1.1 Released!

- Removed a hole in the wall on level 4 where you could go out of bounds
- Fixed the sliding Grimps position on level 4 so it's no longer off by one tile when loading the level from password
- Changed "Bonus Map" to "Bonus Level" for consistency
- Reversed the order of games in the Game Browser so newest game is first
- Also spiced up the game page css some more.


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Hyyyyyyype. The original version of this was an amazing 10 minutes. Looking forward to a full sized version of this!
This game is pure art. High five, man.

I have a feeling Grimps is going to be the new xmas tradition at my house this year.
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Just played this and had a lot of fun! I'd drop a review but I don't think I have much else to add from what I said for the previous game. Great puzzles and amazing visuals (obviously). Had lot of fun with the stages where they threw bombs at you in particular!
Thanks guys! Glad you liked it, Frogge :]
Nice job. I enjoyed the new stages and the action sequences and stuff.
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