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Demo update.

Flavor, more flavor!

Yes this update is pure for player expierence and convienence. The story is more stream lined and flavored and systems have had a overall overhaul. Here a few things:

- New Row names to get a better indication on what they do (that was a lot of renaming for me xD).
- New autosave mechanic that saves on slot and not on last save file (to get this to work they way I wanted was a headache).
- SmootherLoad-Save-Event add/completed/failed pop ups (a lot of changes in getting it to show properly).
- New weapons and armor in the prologue!
- Mezun merchants set up their TENTS to sell there wares from giving some nice extra visuals.
- 2 NEW Mezun Merchants have set up shop in the demo version!
- Better rewards for the side story lore reward quests, they now also give party EXP, not only just Lore.
- Some flavoring of the story here and there (small touches).
- Some small battle improvements here and there.
- Some small visual improvements here and there.


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Glad to see you're still at work on this. Get it!
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