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With some polish, the espirites will shine bright!

There's a lot of potential this game demo has, and I had a lot of fun for how short of an experience it is, but the game needs some fixes, which I will detail below.

Story (Spoiler warning!)
The plot of The Chronicles of Espiria is a slight alteration of the prophecy hero trope. Instead of someone who's foretold to save the world within the world, it's someone from another world, or in this case, timeline of the world. I suppose this counts for the trope since it's technically the same planet, but it's not realized until late in this demo. It's ok for a premise, so I hope future progression leads to more unique storylines.

Characters (Spoiler warning!)
Since there aren't too many dialogue options and cutscenes, there's not a lot to every character that I can grasp, excluding Issac, who's obviously a cocky genius. I will say that Kent reminds me of Squall from Final Fantasy 8 only because he thinks of himself as an ordinary guy who doesn't deserve the attention he's getting and would rather not get involved in conflict if he can avoid it. Lain seems... serious I guess? There's nothing notable about her that I can think of besides her design being a near carbon copy of Raynie from Radiant Historia.

Raynie even uses a spear and lightning magic just like Lain!

It's a basic Final Fantasy, turn based battle system. Some enemies have elemental resistances or are immune to an element, but it's not obvious at first what kind of elements. For example, I thought mushroom enemies would be weak to fire, but the big ones were resistant while the small ones weren't... The espirson tree looked like it offered a lot of meaningful choices on what to upgrade first, but it's actually more limited than it appeared to be at a glance. You can only use espirites on the farther constellations AFTER you completely fill out the constellations that are closer to the center first. As you spread farther, you have options to either focus on the left side or the right side, but these don't feel that varied, especially with how easy it is to farm for most espirites. I would've unlocked everything for everyone if all the nodes were available, but it seems that some of them are just sprites with no functions since nothing happens when I hover over some. There's also this invisible block in Issac's espirson tree directly to the right of the middle water node, which blocks my cursor from moving onward unless I go around it. I didn't really like how the screen flashed white every single time I spent espirites per node, so please remove the flash. For some reason, you have Issac's meteoric blast skill as an unlockable skill, but he already had it from the start, and upon unlocking the skill, nothing new appeared. Another problem with Issac's espirson tree is that the UI for my espirite count didn't change when spending them, but for Kent and Lain's they did update after spending on nodes. The last problem I have with Issac's tree is that the Q and E buttons don't really function the way I imagined. I thought pressing E would cycle through characters in the order of Kent, Lain, Issac, and then back to Kent while pressing Q would go in the opposite order; Kent, Issac, Lain, Kent. However, pressing Q or E proceeds in the same order regardless of combinations between the two, so if I'm on Kent, and I want to go to Issac, I have to press E or Q twice every time instead of pressing Q once for example. Another quality of life update you might want to implement is changing the target selection for items on party members during combat. The UI shows Kent, Lain, and Issac's name in a vertical list of sorts, but you don't navigate with the up and down arrow keys. You use the right arrow key to go down and the left arrow key to go up...

This was a very pretty game to play. It reminded me of the Golden Sun series. You took advantage of the limited camera angles to cleverly hide treasure chests, too.

Even though there weren't a lot of soundtracks, none of them were average. I enjoyed listening to each one, but I will say the battle victory sound could be a bit more extensive before looping because the loops were very noticeable.

If battles weren't supposed to be hard for this demo, you got it down. Most of them felt pretty easy, and I hardly needed to use items thanks to the abundant save points that healed all HP and EP.


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Hey! Thanks for the review. I haven't logged in here in a while, so when I did, I was presently surprised! Anyway, I appreciate the time and effort you put into the demo and I'm glad you liked it. I'll definitely take note of your errors in the game, I think there's a lot of updating I could do to this project now that there's plenty of new features added to the engine I made it in (Smile Game Builder). Yes, I did get Lain's design inspiration from Raynie, and even sent that to my character artist. Spot on, lol. Thanks again, hopefully I'll finally get around to giving this project the attention is deserves.
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