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These are the playable characters that you will take with you on your journey to stop the demonic forces of Xaudith!

The Hero
The hero is the main character you will control, with his teacher and best friend separated taken by demons, it's up to him to battle the demon forces and find out what happened to his teacher and friend. He specializes in using Thunder magic, healing, and support.

Below you will pick two allies to join you on your journey. Be sure to pick well before setting off.

She specializes in defenses. She has great resistance to the elements and her defense doubles when she defends herself.

Garlin specializes in offensive magic, mainly fire and ice magic. Though he will also carry some debuffing and status ailment inflicting spells.

This cat-like cleric specializes in using healing spells, support buffs and wind magic. If you want to make sure you have someone to cover you and not rely heavily on items, Reina will be a top choice.

A spiritualist who specializes in using ice magic and buff and debuffing magic, she will ensure that the heroes will be protected against oncoming attacks.

A ninja who specializes in dual wielding weapons for extra damage. He is great against fighting bosses. His attack stat will soar a lot higher than everyone else's, making him a valuable ally to quickly dispatch enemies.