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In Review.

  • Arcmagik
  • 08/05/2019 02:55 PM
I have recently been thinking about this game which had a lot of potential in my mind but didn't get to reach it due to several factors.

It is riddled with bugs caused by converting the base project from the RPG Tsukuru 2003 to the official steam version of RPG Maker 2003 which caused aeveral database errors.

It was the first event that I led the team and we needed up having some headbutting over personal opinions on game development and design. It happens as we are all developers here with our own opinions.

It has been 16 years since I really played with RM2K3. It shows... I have become so much more accustomed to MV (and a lesser extent Ace) that several odd things hung me up which messed with the development schedule and play testing.

So that being said, why am I making this blog post? That would be just to say that I am working on an MV version on the side when I can't focus on Legion Saga development so that I stay in the habit of developing as it has been a hassle to get back into a routine since I took a hiatus.

Just something to look out for at some point. Not sure if I will reuse this page or submit a new one for the MV Game which will be titled differently. For now I am leaving this in complete status until I have more development information and screenshots for the new version.


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We never did get our 75 MS Autumn Achievement, did we?
I mean, I was a big part of the problem and don't mind if I don't get it, but you guys did ace work. You deserve at least that much.
Edited - Nope. We just got the 10 ms event one, not the Autumn based one. You finished everything that was asked of you so II'd say you contributed your fair share.
ah, forgot about that
y u no ping me?
Well... I just discovered it / was reminded of it today!
I don't know if I would call it headbutting. I thought it was pretty civil and healthy discussion to make the game the best it could be :P is that what headbutting is? I never had any expectation that my opinions win out.

But that's cool. The concept is solid, for sure. I approve the remake. Although it seemed kind of limiting to not let players leave after entering the crypt. It would be more interesting game if there was some kind of variant where you can enter, go as far as you can, then have to head back to town for various reasons. Heal up, gear up, you found something to have examined, rescue someone. A multi level dungeons where the goal is to make it to the bottom.

I would suggest new page. I certainly don't have MV, and I've started other things, so I couldn't possibly help with this. So it would be a whole new beast. We would keep this game page/ms linked to us, and you would have your own for that. I wouldn't want my name on something I didn't directly work on.
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