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The biggest update you weren't even ready for.

Whats in this update? Lets get right into the good stuff:

You can now customize your farm layout and place objects wherever you want.
(Did he just say i can have a customizable feature in an RPG Maker game?) You bet i did.

Now looking at this, it looks pretty basic. But having the ability to spawn events into another map and have them saved there permanently is a complete game changer. (Thank god for Galv's plug-ins.) So you can now place paths, fences, houses, barns, pots, etc. anywhere you want on your own farm map. You can choose where you want to place any object on your farm, in RPG MV.

New Water Animation

Yep I changed the water. It looked too translucent to me and wanted to change it. I find this way of styling it feels better. So yeah.


(Ignore the guy on the wall. He's there for testing purposes.)
This was somewhat hard to figure out considering RPG MV's system for placing waterfalls. It has too be pixel perfect to work for RPG MV. So instead i used eventing to make the waterfalls.

Redesigned the layout of world map & Redesigned the art for each map

Looks neat, huh?

Beta version of fall festival complete

It's on its way. Just needed a place holder for a moment.

Set up weather system

Added music system, not complete or completely functional but kinda works

Lily pads and fish shadows


fish shadows

Fish jumping out of water

fish jump

And thats the update.

Overall im excited with this game and look forward too working on it in the future. I think it'll be a fun game. And hopefully a game thats meaningful to the players.

So until next update, i guess. See ya.