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About Momo's Adventure

Momo's Adventure is an anime fantasy turn-based RPG that is in the early stages of production. It takes place in Cherry Bloom High School, a fictional school in Tokyo, Japan. The story centers around Momo, an aspiring manga artist and Sayuri, a mysterious and evil girl who will do anything to stop her. Help Momo escape the chaos at her school with the help of her friends and travel to strange worlds each with stories of their own.

This is the MV version of the demo. The VX Ace version of the demo was previously released on the Steam Workshop. The MV version is pretty similar but with new content and balancing. This demo currently features 4 playable characters, 5 character classes and about 3 hours of content spread across 3 chapters.


Extract the folder from the .rar file and simply run the game. If you have any issues with this, please contact me.

Known Bugs/Issues

1. If a character does not have full HP/MP and equips a weapon or armor that increases max HP/MP, the character will lose a few points of HP/MP everytime the equipment is equipped or removed. This bug seems to be caused by Yanfly's "YEP EquipCore plugin".

2. If chosen, Warrior Momo will have a Falchion in her inventory at the beginning of the game. This weapon was accidentally left in the database weapon slot and is not intended to be given at the beginning of the game. I highly recommend that you unequip this weapon and use something else. Thanks Mallory16!


I'm looking for dedicated and serious playtesters who can finish this demo, provide extensive feedback and possibly test future versions of this demo. In return, I can playtest your game and provide feedback.

Please leave constructive criticism and be specific when addressing issues. Do not simply tell me that this game is good or bad.

Game Controls (PC)

Directional Arrows UP, DOWN LEFT, RIGHT - Move your character on the map or navigate the menus when opened.

Enter - Selects a command in battle menu, party menu and interact with some objects such as Non-Playable Characters (NPCs).

Esc, X - Opens/closes the game menu or go to previous menu.

Shift - Hold to walk slightly faster.

Q, W - Move between characters in the status menu.

F2 - Show FPS.

F4 - Full screen the game window. Press again to return to default window size.

F5 - Reload the game and return to main menu. It is recommended that you avoid pressing this.

Plugins Used/Credits/Copyright

YEP Engine Scripts - Yanfly
Art, story, characters - mangaka7, Syertse, Strafebreaker23
Mapping, concepts - mangaka7

What's Next?

I'm currently working on new maps and events as those are top priority. I'm also revising character designs and creating sprites. Cutscene and portrait art will be added to the game after all character designs are finalized.

I have tons in store for this game including new items, skills, characters, side quests, story chapters and art. The finished game is estimated to be 12 hours long with endgame/bonus content extending the time to 15+ hours. For all this to be possible, I will need as much players and feedback as possible. I hope you will consider giving this game a shot. Thanks for reading!

Latest Blog

Momo’s Adventure October Update - Lateness, Mapping and Melon joins the battle!


It’s another update but only a month late! In my last update (August), I stated that the next update would happen in late September. This is not the case so I’m pretty much a lair at this point.

Lateness with RPG Maker games happens to a lot of us. We all have our reasons, but it is important that we not let these reasons stop us from making the game. It is certainly better late than never. However, it is also important to stay on schedule as best you can. It shows that you have discipline and your audience will take your game seriously. Well, I have no audience so what do I know?


Mapping is already with underway for chapter 4. Some of the maps and cutscenes are completed. The biggest challenge is to create a new town, called Life Kingdom, while retaining the look I have in mind. The town is located inside a forest and has wooden houses and tall trees. In the interest of time I will have to make it generic. In the future, I will have to look for a tileset or attempt to design one. Suggestions are welcome!

Melon joins the battle!

This section will contain spoilers so if don’t want to get spoiled. Please skip to the next section.


Melon is an Elite Knight of the Life Kingdom. She is a loyal protector of her kingdom and is loved by everyone. She is the personal guard of Princess Lily. She also acts like a big sister and is responsible for training her. However, due to her carefree nature, she spoils Lily and often goes easy on her.

Melon is a ranged character who wields a special bow called Spirit. She can fire arrows using her life energy. It does not deplete her HP. However, her damage is all magical so her normal attacks will not be effective against magic immune or resistant enemies. However, she has some skills to deal with these types of enemies.

Melon is also an excellent healer with an arsenal of skills that can debuff enemies.

Her weakness is her attack type, moderate-low HP and defenses. Her weapon and one of her accessory slots are locked with her own special equipment. They will be upgradable in future versions of the game.

Melon is an old character that I have designed for my manga, Rising Sword (still working on it). She is making a cameo appearance in Momo’s Adventure. Below are her most recent design and sprite sheet along with basic info.

Melon 2019 Concept Drawing and Info

Melon Sprite Sheet (2019)

Melon 2018 Concept Sketch


What’s next?

Melon’s sprites are almost complete. Her database is fully done so she will be ready to battle soon.

There are other characters I have to design for the chapter but I will have to make them generic for now using the RTP sprites. The most important thing right now is finishing the chapter.

That’s all for now. If you want notifications on updates, please subscribe. Thanks!

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Sayuri I hope we find more about. She seemed like a nice girl before her death. I wonder why she wants to kill people now. Maybe Momo was the daughter of that thief, and it's like revenge on that guy by trying to kill his daughter? I dunno', just grasping at straws. I hope we get to understand her more later on, anyway.

Mother... evil as she was, I kinda' felt a little sorry for her, too. All she wants to do is love. And she has a horrible way of showing it. Guess that comes with the whole territory of not being human. She loves the children, but only on her terms.

If there was a way to push the third big red button, I couldn't find it. I could only find two gold bars, and I couldn't figure out any other way of pressing those buttons.

I'm not sure of a good way of consistently getting past Mother's corrosive acid attack other thah "hope you still have your heal-all potions, 'cause you'll need 'em." Or "pray." The shop in the dungeon only sells the cheapest potions. If there's a better way to deal with that attack, I don't know what it is.

It's not something unique to your game, and I know a lot of games do it, but it was still annoying to lose all my equipment Heart had after I beat Mother. I found her and (mage) Momo most useful in battle, so they had all the best gear, except I wound up losing all the gear Heart was wearing.

If you have any specific questions, please ask. The game was pretty fun, anyway!
Hello Mallory! Thanks for playing Momo's Adventure and being the first one here to leave feedback!

Yes! You will learn more about Sayuri later. There will be full art cutscenes and backstory, all of which will make the whole story more immersive.

Mother does have a backstory as well. I plan to reveal it in the later stages of the game when Momo will be able to freely travel between worlds. This may not happen depending on how much time I have.

In order to push the third red button, you have to find the last Gold Nugget in a secret room located where the huge waterfall is. If you go all the way to the right and up the waterfall, you'll enter that room.

Mother's Corrosive Breath cannot be countered and the best way to deal with it is in fact with Cure All Potions. The skill is a bit too powerful now that I look at it. I will have to re-balance it or change the mechanics later.

In the next version, all of Heart's equipment will be returned to your inventory when she leaves your party. I left it the way it is now because the demo ends shortly after you return to school. I'm sorry if it annoyed you.

Yes! I do have some questions for you!

1. What skills did you find yourself using the most for each of the characters?
2. In terms of the loot that you found during your playthrough, what did you feel was lacking? (Example: Boots, Armor, Healing Items, etc.)
3. How was the overall difficulty of the game?
4. What was your completion time?

Thank you so much for the feedback! I really appreciate it!
It's OK, you're right. Considering the demo ended almost immediately after Heart left the party, not retaining her equipment wasn't all that big of a deal.

Mother was pretty tough, mostly once she used her corossive acid attack. She's the only time I died in the game, though. The jellyfish were notably hard, but I was able to manage them both. Mother's guards looked scarier than they were. The poison slimes were really annoying, but could usually be killed easily before they got a chance to attack. I learned quickly to make sure I did just that! The overall difficulty wasn't too bad. It'd definitely be nice to have like a cure-all potion chest right before Mother to make sure you've got one going into that battle, though!

I've played mage Momo a lot more than warrior Momo, though that may just be me. I can easily see players liking having a strong default attack, but I was very much into mage Momo.

Karin had her uses, but I'd never vote her MVP.

Shinichi is great as bait, and getting enemies to target them in harder battles is particularly helpful

Shinichi's heal spell wasn't really useful, especially before you can buy ether. The magic cost is too high versus just using a cheap potion that anyone can use. Ether is a commodity on the beach in particular, and is a huge waste to spend MP on healing.

Heart is great at killing things. And great at being killed, so yeah, had to keep her protected.

I need to play and try the passive skills more. It was so long before I had any passive skills that I usually forgot they were there by the time I finally learned some. I kept forgetting I had no passive skills in the beginning, but then I kept forgetting that I did have passive skills later on XD

The Falcion you get at the beginning is so much stronger than the pirate cutlass you find later that there seemed to be no reason to even touch that, even with the extra critical chance.

Potions and ether were very useful, although since you couldn't buy ether before the final dungeon, I had to really watch how I used MP. The food items I guess were a fun touch, though they're pretty much just potions you couldn't use during battle. Except in emergencies, I used the healing items between battles, anyway. Still a fun touch.

I can see it being useful depending on how someone wants to play, but I thought the energy fragments had too high a price to pay in defense to make wearing them worthwhile. Crysyla's mirror, ring of spirit, and even the common bronze ring were all worthwhile to wear, though (and in the case of bronze rings, sell off extras you didn't need).

A lot of those common weak items aren't bad, really, since while not great, they generally don't come with any downsides, either. A lot of the stronger items come with a downside and you have to judge whether the cost is worth it. The energy fragments were really the only equipment where the punishment for wearing it seemed way too high, though.

My last save, after Mother and back in school, was 2 hours 45 minutes of playtime.

Focus never seemed worth using. 8 SP never seemed worth skipping a turn for.

For Momo, shell had limited/no use, depending on whether the jellyfish's poison counts as a boss. It's not worth using against regular enemies, and while it would be great against Mother's corrosive acid, it doesn't work there. Replenish mana was great before I could buy ether, so I had at least one character whose MP I didn't have to worry about, but rainbow barrier was her best special, which could really help against certain battles.

Magic blast was more expensive and usually weaker than fire blast/lightning blast, and also more expensive to use, and I pretty much never used it after a while. Illusion was worthwhile for harder battles, though.

All of Heart's specials were worth using, at least for harder battles, and using the easier battles to build up SP. For her regular skills, I used mighty swing, lightning ball, and earth slam pretty regularly, especially once I could buy ether.

Shinichi's provoke was worthwhile, what with them pretty much being the team's tank, and provoke making them even more tankish. Iron defense was useful only occasionally, but it was a godsend for the few times I did make use of it. Shield strike was nice too.

Skill-wise, heal was a huge waste of MP before you could buy ether. After you could buy ether, it was slightly cheaper to use their heal spell than to use potions, but even then it didn't seem worth the effort to use MP to heal. Aura slash sounds overpowered, supposedly dealing 360% damage, but it clearly didn't do even close to that much damage. Seemed about the same amount of damage their regular attack did, and didn't seem use using much. Cover was pretty much a cheaper version of iron defense. Not as good, but only 8 MP, and definitely useful. And barrier was definitely nice for harder battles.

For Karin, wind rush was not usually worth using, and fatal strike was pretty much useless. Metal rain was good, though. Shuriken was a good, if somewhat underpowered, "hit everyone" attack. Battle stance and fog were good for harder battles. Wind strike was rarely used. If I figured out which enemies were weak to wind, it might've helped though I didn't know what might be weak against it.

I really do want to state again that I really enjoyed this game ^_^
Wow! That's a really in-depth answer Mallory. Thank you so much for this! I'll take all your points into consideration and make some balances in the next patch.

Regarding passives, they are learned at levels 7, 21, 39, 63. There will be rare equipment that will grant passives. Some of these equipment will be character specific. With that said, getting to level 7 is a bit tough and I would like the player to reach that level before Mother. Since the release of this version, I have increased monster EXP slightly and made quest rewards more rewarding. I will continue to try to find the right balance so it isn't so tedious for the players.

I was about to ask where you found the Falchion, but I finally found it. It was left on Momo's weapon slot in the database when I was doing some testing. It is definitely not intended to be in your inventory at this point. Nice find! I messed up big time here.

Monster weaknesses are similar to how it is in the early Final Fantasy games or even Pokemon. So for example, if a monster looks like water, it's probably weak to lightning. Karin's Wind Strike is great against some flying enemies such as bats or hornets. As for her other skills, they will be reworked so that it is actually useful.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I have made a lot of changes since this release and your feedback today will help make it even better! Version 2.1 is in the works and the fourth floor will be opening up!
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