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About Momo's Adventure

Momo's Adventure is a modern/fantasy turn-based RPG that is in the early stages of production. It takes place in Cherry Bloom Junior High School, a fictional school in Tokyo, Japan. The story centers around Momo, an aspiring manga artist and Sayuri, a mysterious and evil girl who will do anything to stop her. Help Momo escape the chaos at her school with the help of her friends and travel to strange worlds each with stories of their own.

This is the MV version of the demo. The VX Ace version of the demo was previously released on the Steam Workshop. The MV version is pretty similar but with slightly more content and balancing. This demo currently features 4 playable characters, 5 character classes and about 3 hours of content spread across 3 chapters.


Extract the folder from the .rar file and simply run the game. If you have any issues with this, please contact me.

Known Bugs

1. If a character does not have full HP/MP and equips a weapon or armor that increases max HP/MP, the character will lose a few points of HP/MP everytime the equipment is equipped or removed. This bug seems to be caused by Yanfly's "YEP EquipCore plugin".


I'm looking for dedicated and serious playtesters who can finish this demo, provide extensive feedback and possibly test future versions of this demo. In return, I can playtest your game and provide feedback.

Please leave constructive criticism and be specific when addressing issues. Do not simply tell me that this game is good or bad.

Game Controls (PC)

Directional Arrows UP, DOWN LEFT, RIGHT - Move your character on the map or navigate the menus when opened.

Enter - Selects a command in battle menu, party menu and interact with some objects such as Non-Playable Characters (NPCs).

Esc, X - Opens/closes the game menu or go to previous menu.

Shift - Hold to walk slightly faster.

Q, W - Move between characters in the status menu.

F2 - Show FPS.

F4 - Full screen the game window. Press again to return to default window size.

F5 - Reload the game and return to main menu. It is recommended that you avoid pressing this.

Plugins Used/Credits/Copyright

YEP Engine Scripts - Yanfly
Art, story, characters - mangaka7, Syertse, Strafebreaker23
Mapping, concepts - mangaka7

What's Next?

I'm going to be improving the game and adding more things to it. Maps and events take top priority. I will also be working on new character design sheets and sprites. Cutscene art will be done after all character designs are finalized.

I have tons in store for this game including new item types, skills, allies, side quests, story chapters and art. The finished game is estimated to be 15+ hours long with endgame/bonus content extending the time to 20+ hours. For this to be possible, I will need as much feedback as possible. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the game!

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