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A year has passed since the great war that divided the races of the country and saw the Demons take power, nearly bringing humankind to its extinction. From that day onward the Demons´ Fortress floats ominously above the sea, an ever-present threat. An arms-race between the subdued races foreshadows another great war on the horizon that will challenge the balance of power yet again.

You are the last sell-sword among humankind and during this, the darkest hour of your kind, you take up leadership for your people to ensure its survival and defend your realm.

• Create many different buildings and other objects such as Residences, Watchtowers, Barracks, Forests and many more. Some of them can also be upgraded.
• Train Defensive Units and Offensive Units to either protect your own buildings or to destroy enemy buildings.
• Train Mineworkers, Lumberjacks, Blacksmiths, and Farmers to provide food for your population and to gather important resources.
• Buy and sell resources at your own Marketplace or trade stuff with traveling merchants.
• Turn-based day-system.
• Challenge your luck on numerous gambling games.
• Beat up against 4 autonomous, CPU-controlled enemies and make them your subjects.
• Destroy the Demons´ Fortress and bring back peace to the whole country.
• Find the 3 hidden bonuses, collect all 50 achievements and become the God of the world.

Latest Blog

We all don't like ripped graphics!

In another forum, a user told me that my game contained ripped graphics which I wasn't aware of. This mainly affects the graphics of the buildings. So what do we think about ripped graphics?

Well, I don't like ripped graphics.

You don't like ripped graphics as well.

In fact, we all don't like ripped graphics!

Well, I took three days off to replace these buildings with legally usable ones. Since I had no clue about which graphics were taken from other games, I've decided to just replace them all! It was a proper piece of work editing these graphics to fit into my game, but in my eyes, the result definitely pays off; the overall picture looks much better now. I don't regret this step and I'm quite happy that I decided to go it.

(Well, it seems like I have to edit this RTP-ship quite a lot to make it not stand out that much in comparison to the rest.)


• Enterbrain
• Adam Saltsman
• Beast (opengameart)

I hope you like this Update. Let me know what you think about the new look of the buildings. :)


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  • RPG Maker 2003
  • Simulation Strategy
  • 02/08/2019 01:07 PM
  • 04/18/2019 07:49 AM
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A very interesting looking game. Subbed
@grindalf: Thank you very much. I'll upload it as soon as proofreading is complete.
I'm still looking for someone to help me proofread the game. I won't release it until I can make sure it's in proper English.
I'm still looking for someone to help me proofread the game. I won't release it until I can make sure it's in proper English.

Are you still looking for a proof reader ?
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