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Mr. Flibble has made the treacherous swim from Antarctica to the nearest shore. Upon settling in, he finds his neighbor is a total jerk. Mr. Flibble isn't one to take this kind of thing lying down, so when his neighbor demands that he runs to the ocean as quickly as he can, collecting fish along the way, Mr. Flibble has no choice but to show him who the real penguin on this beach is.

Race along gathering fish, but if you hit the palm trees or the sunbathers, you'll be held up a couple of seconds and you've already only got 60 seconds to reach the shoreline! Powerups can help you along or can hinder you, so use them wisely!

My entry for Theme Roulette 2!

Playtime is under five minutes.

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  • 05/13/2019 10:48 AM
  • 05/17/2019 11:02 AM
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I'm really bad at this xD took me 3 tries for 25 fish, and I couldn't manage the second goal.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
I finally managed to make something challenging! I hope you at least enjoyed it!
Gave this game a quick run. Tile-based movement is not very good for a runner game. Usually I find that when I move towards a fish I was already one tile under it since I cant move unless I finish moving into a tile first. The starting cutscenes replay when u retry which slows the game down by alot. The placement of the obstacles is kinda sadistic, I can end up running into something, wait to recover, then immediately run into the next obstacle in the line without being able to move away. Speaking of which, the recovery animation is quite irksome. You slowly walk forward a couple tiles not knowing when you can regain control of your pengy, it really screws me up.

And finally, on level 2 I got stuck when, upon retrying, I am automatically teleported to the end of the course after the starting cutscene finishes, then started running into the ocean. Then the game got confused and the retry moved me to somewhere in the middle of the course when the starting cutscene replayed, then the glitch repeated itself.
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