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About the event
This is my submission's game page for Gaymak 2019. The mission was to make a game with a LGBT+ character or a LGBT+ theme.

About my game
The story takes place in 1947. Rosarum Boarding School (RBS) is located at the east of England. Boys from Europe are sent there to be taught respect, discipline and loyalty.
Hugo Huxley is 15 years old. Very implied in his work, he however has feelings for Arthur Kane, another student. Homosexuality is strictly prohibited in RBS. Will the love between these two be stronger than the rules?

The game will be a kinetic novel. It's almost the same thing as a visual novel, except it removes the choices and branching paths. The game will be "watched" like a movie.

Even if it's a delicate theme, there will be some comedy in the game.

- BlackRoseMii's visual-novel character generator
- Sherman3D for the school tileset
- Enterbrain for the RPG Maker VX Ace engine

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