The last few years have been rough, especially for those who are part of the LGBT+ community. This month is Pride month, where we come together to celebrate finally being able to come out legally in society and be treated as equals by law.

Of course, with every step forward there are people against. Many people have stories of disregard, disrespect, hate and other negative interactions aimed at them, even over the course of this year. We could get down about the horrible things that might happen in the future, that have happened in the past...


...we could celebrate the good things that have come from the fight for our rights to be who we are and love who we do!

And what better way to celebrate than to

So, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to make a game that is positive in nature and focuses on either a main character who is LGBT+ or LGBT+ as a theme.

- Start making on the 22nd of June. Finish by midnight of July 14th.
- Games must be at least 10 minutes long.
- You may GATHER resources before that date and make notes about the game, but don't actually start creating (resources or in-engine content) before the official start.
- Games must be positive in nature, especially in regards to LGBT+ themes, and should handle with care the topics you choose to represent. Hate speech is explicitly not allowed and this includes things like killing or flinging insulting remarks towards other groups. People are people, even if they're assholes. Keep it happy, folks! No dark depressive themes here! We're celebrating after all!
- Games must have either a main character who is LGBT+ and focus on them, or the theme based on LGBT+.
- Games must have an approved game page. Get that done and in early!
- Any engine, any resources.
- Please keep in mind that there will likely be a stream for the games, and that youtube is ornery about musical and video use in games. Let's NOT get people's accounts content struck by using stuff like, say, The Emporer's Theme from Star Wars or Warner Bros clips in our games.

- Everyone who takes part will gain a participation badge, worth 20 MS
- Full games will receive another badge on top of that, worth 50 MS
- Every game added will go into the draw for a free game.


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  • 07/15/2019 01:00 AM
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Fairy team
B&W Love
Faire le gay (a French pun as I love them - Faire le guet = To watch)
Life is but a Dream
The Heart I Never Had
Rainbow diamond
Yellow Cake
The power of gay compels me
KO Cupid
Queer Lion Team
Liberty is first
I'm here and I'm queer
Emporer's Team
I'm the person responsible for the YouTube rule :o
in france i am known as l'esbian
Fomar Fomar
I'm the real person responsible for the Youtube rule. THAT'S ALL FOLKS
Needs more gay
Team Meet Cute
>( c '3')
Sad strange little newt
Gay Fomar Fomar Gourd Brigade
Taste the Rainbow!
It's okay to be gay.
the gay beanstalkers
Behind Bamboo Games


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Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Eyyy, the event is up! I will also be sitting this one out, I want to finish all the projects I already started before starting new ones. Best of luck to all of you and have fun doing gam mak!
I can't think of any inspiring light plots but I can join someone else's team if they have a promising idea and promise to actually do something within the event time. I can pretty much create most medium-effort assets and can provide some nonbinary insight if needed.
The most beautiful user on RMN!

Taiwan just made gay marriage legal about a month ago. I think it's the first place in Asia to do that.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Kinda in the same position as lavendersiren, only I'm the guy that does cheesy, weird, and obscure board games scripts for VX Ace.
Got an idea set and everything. If anyone is interested in hearing it PM me @Muffle#1800 discord, I'm open for suggestions and team mates. I will be handling the story and much of the eventing but am open minded to ideas and change as a team (as long as it doesn't change the entire idea). It will also be in RPGMaker VX Ace.
I don't really have any ideas of my own, but if anyone wants me I'd be more than happy to join a team.

I specialize in RPGmaker 2003, but I'm willing to use any engine (provided it can run on modern operating systems).
The TM is for Totally Magical.
I already know I'm doing a sequel to my GayMak the Rainbow game, so that's what I'm doing.
I missed the last of these events so definitely doing something for it.
I wouldn't mind team-ups, but given my weird schedule and that it'd be my first time using 2k3, solo sounds like the only proper thing.
If people want to discuss strange gender adventures and sexual confusion from a semi-closeted perspective, feel free to chat or brainstorm with me.

And @piano sequel? Where, what, how
You're magical to me.
I want to do something for this, so I'll try my best!
The TM is for Totally Magical.
And @piano sequel? Where, what, how

My GayMak the Rainbow game was Dream of Jade.
Speaking of piano game, I got his permission to do a sequel to The Vindicators. However, I will need somebody to help with writing witty banter and balancing easy combat.
When I was working on the original for the second half of the swap event I sorta ran out of steam 3/4ths the way through and I wanna make sure this sequel has all the juice it needs to do it justice.
Please contact me if you feel up to the task. More than likely either planned be made in 2k3 or vxace (most likely 2k3), same tileset stuff as last time.
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
Has it really been two years already? Wow.
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
It seems you can have up to 10 members in your team.
I don't really feel prepared to take on a leadership role because i have no good ideas for a game, but I'd like to participate in other forms so if anyone wants help let me know. Throw a PM or something.

I'm guessing everyone already knows what I do but in case this is not so I do music and anything belonging to the graphics department. Check my profile for links to samples.
I mean, that's the usual default number I put in for events where you can have a team but don't have restrictions as to how many. Doesn't mean you need to add that many or even consider teaming at all, but it's an option. If someone went "Liberty, can we please have more than 10 members on our team?" I'd change it to read 100 instead (but then people will just all dive onto the same team for funsies).

I also made it so you can make multiple games if you want. I don't expect anyone to, but there's been times in the past where someone will team with someone else to help with an aspect of their game, then make their own game on the side. Just... options.
Well, given how many people seem to struggle with ideas, if anyone would like a fast-working scenarist (with option BGM/facesets, reasonably), hit me up.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Actually, maybe I can do that Uchioniko re-make I'm been wavering on? I dunno.

*Edit: Well, it probably needs a new name. A name that isn't made out of my lack of very little understanding of the Japanese language.
Anyone here good with mapping that would like to be on my team? I'm thinking of using Mack tiles but I am up for any other ideas if someone wants to work with something different.

King of mapping came to me 2 minutes after this post.
Actually, maybe I can do that Uchioniko re-make I'm been wavering on? I dunno.

*Edit: Well, it probably needs a new name. A name that isn't made out of my lack of very little understanding of the Japanese language.

What kind of name are you looking for? You can either use like a fully functional word and take it, use a fully functional English word and throw Japanese pronunciation at it, or slam kanji with different meaning together for random effect (which requires a basic understanding of how the readings work). You can always yknow, just make up a name that sounds Japanese - use Hiragana/Katakana combinations. Look 'em up: as long as you use those, it's 100% sounding Japanese. The language is syllable based instead of single letters, but the pronunciation/writing of pronunciation is fairly straight-forward otherwise (unless you want full sentences or phrases..)

(Feel free to write me up. It's what I study.)
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