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A Few Announcements (and 700+ downloads!!)

Hello hello, everyone! It's been quite some time since I last checked in here, heheh. I've been keeping very busy indeed with work on Remembrance's sequel, Permanence, but I'm nevertheless delighted to see that people are still finding, downloading, and playing through the first game! Over the past several months, there's been a few Remembrance-related updates that I wanted to share.

Firstly, there's a Russian translation available for Remembrance:

A huge thank you and kudos to bizDICK for volunteering to translate it and seeing it through to completion despite the reams and reams of text in the game!

Secondly, I've published the game's OST on Bandcamp:

In addition to Bandcamp being probably more convenient to use than Youtube for this, the tracks on there have been re-rendered for (hopefully) better audio fidelity. Between that and being able to stream/download them in a format other than the low-bitrate MP3s to which RPG Maker 2003 limited me, I figured it was worth mentioning for the 5 or 6 people who might be interested, heh.

Thirdly, I've been made aware of another completed Let's Play of Remembrance, this time by Adaru32:

Thank you so, so much for your continued interest in my work!


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Hello I just sent you message with a nice gift related to your game,and when you have the time check it out to get a nice suprise.And as always I wish you a sad,dark and depressing day:D.

And also your download count is right now or was 666 the number of the beast

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